Tiffany Cockrell- The Richest Man I Know.

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Thats Tiffany in the center, seated, surrounded by just part of his family in the boat yard of Tiffany Yachts.

This story has taken be 5 days to write. As you know, I can usually write a story on my iPhone while driving a boat then post it. But this one was to painful. I have spoken about my pal Tiffany Cockrell for years here on Woody Boater. Our beautiful Skiffany Skiff that he built for my wife about 7 years ago is our go to fun boat. And the story on the fire that last year burned down Tiffany’s life work at Tiffany yachts.. It’s all rebuilt now and amazing. AMAZING! Friday, Tiffany past away at his home.  I was stuck up in DC and instantly dropped all my work over the weekend, canceled Sundays meeting at work and drove down to our cottage to be at the service on the Northern Neck of Virginia.. When we came around the corner to the chapel there was a traffic jam.. Mind you, Burgess VA is a blip.. There is not even a welcome sign to Burgess sign.. And now there were police, and cars.. cars everyplace. A line out of the chapel and more than the town had showed up. The area had showed up.. And folks like us, from hrs away.. It was moving to see and feel, and we were just parking our car.  People standing in the aisles, parents booting there kids out of seats for old ladies.. It was a wonderful thing to see how well loved Tiffany was.. is.. I say is, because, a huge part of that crowd was made up of the Cockrell family.. Generations of them. He lives, clearly on through them.. They are all very cool, funny as hell, and very kind and generous people. The coolest part of this family is that they all are together in the area. Tiffany was able to live a magical life of being surrounded by family and have full support. He actually commented on that to my wife and I a couple weeks ago when we went to see him. He said how blessed he was to have his family around.. Lunch, lunch at noon… was always served at the family house for anyone at the shop, or a visitor. A tradition that inspired me to do the same at my company.. It’s a way to make people feel like family…Fishing trips were the topic of the memorial service, with funny stories and fond memories.. As I stood there in the crammed chapel, it dawned on me that regardless of the homes ones owns, boats, cars, stuff it all is worthless in the end. Its just crap.. But having people that love you, and you can love back, and pass things on to, is where the money is. Tiffany is still in my book the wealthiest man I will ever know. He has the treasure of everlasting life through the family that he took care of, and took care of him. I will miss Tiffany the man, and am thankful for my continuing friendship with Tiffany the spirit.

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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    My family and I just farewelled our Dad on Saturday with similar sentiment, love and sorrow.
    Matt thats a great mast-head today.My heart goes out to the Cockrell family.

  2. Faye
    Faye says:

    What a testament to Mr. Cockrell’s Family, and to a true friendship for you. You will miss him but treasure his memory…. God Bless you and all

    The Alan Smith Family

  3. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Sorry for your loss. One of the big things that make us human. Our shared experience more common as we age.

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I met Tiffany a few times, and know many of his boats, he was an institution around here.

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