Tiffany Yachts Boatyard On Fire!

Tom Ryals photopher

Burgess, VA – Tiffany Yachts boatyard near my home in Reedville, Va is on fire. Smoke can be seen for miles. Many large boats are involved….. Fire Depts from the surrounding area have been called in, including the Coast Guard. From one eye witness it appears that both docks are gone…Rumor has it that everyone got out. But no confirmation as of yet. No more is known. This is a very sad situation, as Tiffany and Randy are very good friends. Tiffany Yachts is one of the premier Yacht makers in the US. and have been around for a very long time.. See more images here

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    Anonymous says:

    My deepest sympathy to the Tiffany family!Hope for a safe and smooth start-up to them also. Keith Wyatt,Tiffany Yacht owner @ Buzzards Point,Reedville.

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