To All Our Friends In Florida! Hunker Down, We Are With You!


Florida pride is stronger than any hurricane

I know we here at Woody Boater from time to time.. Wait, OK all the time can be sarcastic and have fun with stuff. But today, we would like to in full serious and heartfelt tone wish all our fellow woody boaters in Florida the best of luck. Just now, how crappy it gets, its just stuff, and we as a community are here for you to the fullest. You are never alone out on the water when there is another Woody Boater out there, and the same goes for right now. Now, of course, you probably have no power or internet  now, so this is falling on deaf eyeballs. Ugh, I can’t help myself. For the record, I cracked jokes at my Mothers funeral. I cope that way. And I hope in some strange way, you know that we all are one today. And if you are able to read this on your phone, you get a smile. Now, we do need to address why you are on Woody Boater while in a hurricane, which points out that you are nuts, and  so it really doesn’t matter what we say. Here, here is some more Nikke Dee for ya!


Nikee Dee CBS 6 Weather – Richmond VA

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    • Matt
      Matt says:

      HAAHAAHAHA! Yes that was the pirate version. And I am sticking to that story! Thanks. 4 AM headers are a bitch.

  1. Terry
    Terry says:

    We’re good here in central Fl. Still getting strong winds and surge hitting as we speak. Thanks for the concerns from all Woodie Boaters. Keep the humor and sarcasm coming. We need all the comic relief we can get. Lol

  2. Darth Trader
    Darth Trader says:

    Thanks for the well wishes! Were hunkered down and waiting here in Jacksonville. Storm is just South of Daytona and moving Northward. Waves from the NOAA sea buoy off Daytona are 22 ft high. They are predicting a storm surge of anywhere from 10-12 ft. Unlike an instant tornado, we have had 4 days to stock up, tie down and get a good grip to prepare for Matthew, so we are ready.

    The media has been doing a good job of getting everybody spooled up and prepared. We are under a mandatory evacuation, but like many have chosen to stay put and ride it out. We will probably go off the grid due to power outage fairly soon. Due to the size of the storm, it will certainly be several days before service is restored.

    Just received 3 cases from Napa and there is lots of pasta available so we will be fine. Once the wind goes down, we can get out there and play with our chainsaws & 4 WDs.

  3. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Reporting in from SC, not much happening here as of yet but we are prepared, plenty of bacon and a half a gallon of Crown.

  4. Fred B
    Fred B says:

    All this preparedness talk reminds me that the West Nile virus was recently found in my state and apparently is a serious hazard for pregnant women. Preparedness kits are free for the asking, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in its wisdom, has included: mosquito spray, mosquito lotion, and 9 condoms.

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