To My Boys!

My two sons at the helm of Hanks Whirlwind. We got them each one to learn about boating. Little did I realize that this shot was one of the few ever taken with them together in a boat. Potomac River about 6 years ago

I have now written 5 stories today that all are crap. Nothing I write is right, it all seems to frivolous, or just not appropriate. My two boys will be coming home soon from school. One tonight and the other next week. Home for the holidays. Never have I felt so lucky that I am able to enjoy seeing my boys grow up. Today I don’t care about all the buffoonery of adolescence, and cost of collage, I care that they are safe and happy. And that from time to time we can share each others life’s ups and downs. As I tried to write something related to boats and with a heavy heart regarding the total senseless crap that happened in Newtown I reflected back on some of the magical moments I have had with my boys out on the water. And for the first time in days, I smiled. Hopefully you will be able to do the same with your kids.

One of my favorite photos of all time. This says it all. After a day out on the boats. Eating lunch ready for more fun. The t shirt art was a pure quintessence. not sure what the fine print says. Probably something horrible HA..

Just this past summer, Hank at the helm of the whaler headed out for a day of fun with a buddy from School.

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  1. don hardy
    don hardy says:

    everything I do, is to share it with my children. Yes, smiles all the time, the laughs never stop, sharing is the best times
    I will ever have, is with them. Now my oldest boy is in the boat shop to continue where I might leave. Boy’s to men.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Picked up my daughter from college yesterday and the 1st thing I did was get and get a big hug and kiss. Very grateful to have my children near.

  3. Wyatt
    Wyatt says:

    the nicest thing that i have read in the last few days. I am grateful as well as my daughters are also coming home from school today.And as i write this, i smile looking forward to the hugs and all the wonderful memories i have been blessed with watching them grow up. thank you for this post.

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Spot on brother!

    and you covered the boating thing just fine with the pic of TWO whirlwinds on the lifts!

    We needed a lift.

    John in Va.

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Seriously, if that boy’s parents had gotten him a boat he might have gone a different “direction”. Possibly having more inclusive activities for kids would help keep loners from feeling excluded and acting out. Bless those families going thru these difficult times.

  6. ian
    ian says:

    not for the forum, but interested after seeing the
    great photo of your sons in the whirlwind, is that a 30 or 40 hp nissan, thanks for a reply,


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