To My Brother Horace. Today, I Focus On What Unites Us.

We are one, from many

It may seem sometimes that we here in Woodyboaterville are at each other’s throats, or bitching, going all Horice on people. Dim chimes in. But in the end, if you live here, or even visit Woodyboaterville, we have something in common. We like to laugh, rant and LOVE classic stuff. Cars, Lawn Mowers, Vintage ovens.. and yes boats. All types of boats. plastic, metal, wood and even cardboard. Love me some of that stuff.

Lake Chatuge Cardboard Boat Race – 2

We are also united in our love of each other. No matter what you say here. You are family. yes maybe a crazy pervy uncle. but you are my crazy pervy uncle.

Oh Uncle Roy!

So today as we all partake in boat shows, boat rides and possibly boat repairs. Remember 20 years ago, we were not divided, we were united in our sadness, and resolve to beat divisiveness.  It’s not lost on me that the twin towers were united in their skyline statement to the world. We may be able to stand on our own at any given time, but when one of us falls, we all fall.  After all to quote, Aesop, the bible, Abraham Lincoln, and countless others “United We Stand, Divided We Fall. So today, lets celebrate what we have in common. Tomorrow we can start bitching again..

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  1. Grant Sinclair
    Grant Sinclair says:

    Yes we all remember those that were lost and grieve for their families.
    And then there’s building number seven.

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Let us not ever forget. I have thought a lot about how we let this happen. It’s not that we let our guard down, we were just trusting. And it bit us hard in the a$$. I know I quote songs a lot, but they have meaning. Alan Jackson sang 🎶Faith hope and love are the things that he gave us, and the greatest is love🎶 Get out to those boat shows today. Trust and love each other, and enjoy the boats and people.

  3. Bilgerat
    Bilgerat says:

    My counterpart at the time in our New York City office knew and lost many business friends in the towers. He never fully returned to his former jovial easy going self after that day. Never forget.

  4. Briant
    Briant says:

    Not bitching…just like to point out that there are good non pervy uncles out there.

    And there are pervy aunties too.

  5. Russ in Bolton
    Russ in Bolton says:

    From 2002 to 2019 the 1st Navy Jack replaced the Union Jack (until the global war on terrorism ended). As far as I’m concerned it isn’t over and I continue to fly the 1st Navy Jack.

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