New Woody Boater Classified It’s Live…ish. It’s Free!

Classified  art 44If you look down on the lower right side of Woody Boater we have made the classified page live. Now, it aint rocking yet, but the site is built and ready for your stuff. Just yesterday we set it live and already folks have stopped by. So there is some traffic. Once stuff starts getting on there, we will do some more cool stuff.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.08.09 PM

Here is the page when you get there.


But need stuff to sell. SO, with that, it’s FREE for now. Its a bit to load, and will take a short learning curve to do it, but if you sell your stuff, it was worth it. I have posted 4 items in there to show how it works. Large photos, and whatever you want to say.

Classified art

If for some reason you have issues, let us know. Its new, and we want to try new stuff for you to have a better Woody Boater experience. BE PATIENT! I think we need to approve the ads, so there might be a delay. Or you may be able to aprove it. Still learning.. Thanks for trying.

You can visit the site HERE if you want to not click on the banner.

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  1. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Looks like someone is going to sell everything to buy a Cobra. Wonder what will be listed later on……24′ sportsman? A boat memorabilia collection and a velvet Elvis?

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Nice addition Matt. I wish you would have had it last year when I was selling my Ski Nautique. WoodyBoater just keeps getting better!

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Wish I had a boat to put those Hemi’s in. Guess I could put them in AB, but nah the W’s are original.

  4. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    those pumpkin guys facial expressions on the classified header are priceless, tell us what they are looking at? you?

    btw, ginger or maryann, ineeda or ivanna?

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      I am looking at Troy’s models for the day and giving him a thumbs up. Tommy is upset about the objectification of young women and giving a scornful scowl.

  5. Ed Fairchild
    Ed Fairchild says:

    Great to see these feature coming on line. I tried several times to list an ad from my iPad and couldn’t get it to load. I will try from my laptop tonight.

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Great concept, should be a real important addition. I am going to round up some stuff and post.

    John in Va.

  7. Nautilus
    Nautilus says:

    Matt: I tried to post a listing but there seems to be a problem with the ad classification portion. Each time, it asks me to “complete all required fields”…which are completed. I also don’t understand all the several “adopt a boat” headings. Well, whatever, it’s still a great idea and a welcome addition to Woody Boater. Thanks.

  8. Matt
    Matt says:

    mmm, sorry, its been a bit glitchy, Jim Staibs ads are working. I sometimes have to aprove stuff. i just did on a dash. It might be in a wrong classifacation. The adopt a bot section was a place for real cheap or free boats.

  9. Charles H. Quimby, Jr.
    Charles H. Quimby, Jr. says:

    Filled out all fields, but kept getting a prompt on price. Cannot send ad although the price field was completed. No photo. CQ

  10. Roger L. Martin
    Roger L. Martin says:

    Matt, tried four time to put our Sport Craft on to be the first boat listed but failed every time. Hope it will work out cause it would be a great addition to the site. Thanks, Roger

  11. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks, check now, I just aproved some ads. Some were doubles so I deleited the double. There is a delay in aproval to make sure we are not allowing spam to be put on there.

  12. Matt
    Matt says:

    Sorry to those of you trying to get things going. Folks are getting on though, and we are getting a ton of traffic to the site. Thanks for trying and helping work out the bugs.

  13. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    I would like to suggest to everyone that if you sell something though this new site consider hitting the donate button and give a % back. Matt if I use this that is what I plan to do and sure all the rest of us that come here have though about this option also. busting my but to get Purple Haze to St. M. hope to and see you there.

  14. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    What should I ask for an original unrestored survivor

  15. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks Phil, that is a way to do this. We can either charge for each ad, or do a simple donate what you feel thing.. Great suggestion. I like to keep Woody Boater always giving a true value to the community.

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