W.H.E.E.L Of Fortune, We Can All Play Together

Our New Orleans HQ.

It may come as a shock to many of you, but I love old stuff other than boats. Ya.. I know, you may need to take a sip of your morning coffee varnish and ponder.. Okay done pondering. Lets play. I will let the captions tell the story. HAVE FUN!

These are known as Sled signs, and Coke would paint your name on the sign part. but this one has been painted over..and over…and over

We called in an expert

The best method was lightly heating and scraping away the layers to find some sort of type.

BA – But that was painted on paint. The real type is under it all as a stain,

You can barely see it. Treatment. WTF? Treatment? And thats half the sign

And here we go. I was able to extract SCA on the first part, XXXX..TREATMENT.. What the hell?


So it looks like we have 3-4 missing letters. SCA_ _ _ _ TREATMENT. My best guess is SCALP TREATMENT WHAT? WHY? ANYONE?

A huge thanks to LOWTIMERS for letting us play with your stuff.

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  1. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Years ago professional sign painters came to town to paint old time murals on various buildings. I had one guy paint an old time ad like one that was on my building. He also painted a coke cola medallion for another building.
    None are as nice as those above.

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