Warner Auction Entertainment…It's Not Just About The Boats..


On the fence about going to the big auction? It’s OK if you don’t want to buy a boat now.. You will when you get there… This funny how to video by fellow woody boater Mike Mayer from Lake Oswago Boat Co

Should give you the confidence to ask your wife to go.. Never under estimate the power of the hat.. … If you would rather read a book… the catalog from Mecum auctions is great reading. This is worth signing up for the auction alone..

What an amazing book.. And if that aint enough.. Woodystock! A peaceful gathering before the bidding wars on Friday night the 15th at the Bryan John Grill Works located at the Wild Marsh Golf Course 6-9 in Buffalo Minnesota.. Brought to you by Nelson Boat works, Sierra Boat Co, Antique Boat Center and yours truly Woody Boater.. But you need to sign up, we have limited space..

You can email angie@antiqueboat.com to sign up…act now.. she is standing by, we will also throw in a set of knives and a varnish-o-matic it sands, tapes and varnishes all in one stroke of the brush… and fits in your pocket….. … Our operators are standing by at 513-242-0808…. So.. Think its just about the boats? It’s about the Boaters… For me that’s worth the trip alone.. See you Friday.. I will be the one with the gun standing guard on my $500 Sportsman.. Don’t even think about it… Or maybe the Higgins… or that cool little flat head racer.. Watch, I will end up with a truck load full of scoops… that all need chrome!

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  1. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    I could rent a local helicopter, fly to Atlanta, buy a first class airline ticket to Minnesota, ARRIVE DRUNK and under arrest forcing me to engage an attorney who requires a (min.) $10,000 retainer, post bail, tour the Minnesota countryside like a rock star taking all the WoodyBoaters along for the ride, bid and win EVERY AUCTION ITEM in the catalog, engage transport via a local family cheesemakers with a cart who take advantage of my state of intoxication and charge me three times their normal rates UP FRONT and IN CASH, wind up in Russia (Is that Sarah Palin I see over there in Alaska???????) in some frozen prison on the tundra, require British Intelligence to extricate me to London, buy an old Concord no longer in service, rehabilitate the plane and train an all-new crew to fly me home to the states, tour the country via the Tavares Show next Spring, followed by the Tahoe Show next Summer……………..and still not spend the TIME or MONEY my wife sinks into the derned local dance studio for our seven-year-old. "butshe'sgottaDANCE…………….(sigh)"

    FRANCHINI says:

    Thanks Ken. Now I have to buy a new monitor after spitting my coffee through my nose reading your reply. My 10 year old son races karts and my 9 year old daughter is on a competion dance team. I am sure without kids, my collection would be the size of Warner's! Instead, I am on the "die before I retire" plan and go Woody Boating on Wednesday evenings instead of all the cool weekend events.

    Mike- clearly they need to get the water level in Lake Oswego back up so you have less time on your hands!

  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I love that video, but easy for me to say as, yes, we do need a new kitchen, but yes, my wife is coming with me. We're driving – 1150 miles each way because for some reason return flights from Calgary were $900 each. But, we're driving a truck because you never know what might follow you home.

    See you Thursday night!

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