We Do Remember 80 Years Ago

Dec 7th 1942

80 years! When i was a young’n, I remember thinking that 1942 was so far far away. Might as well been reading about the Civil War. I was fascinated by any book or story about the war. Oddly, today  I can’t remember where I put my wallet.  Flash forward 60 some years later, and 20 years is a blip. Hell, the Iraq war was that long ago. I have had my truck longer, oh,  Woody Boater is almost that old. It’s insane.

Vintage boxing shorts. TROY?

And yet here we are, even if we were not around then, it’s important to remember our history. As Winston Churchill said,“The longer you look back, the farther you can look forward.”

Remember when we were United?

So today, we do our part, and reflect, remember, and salute all that have served, and supported the truth, justice and freedom for all..of us. THANKYOU. I do remember.

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    • Phil Little
      Phil Little says:

      John, thank you so much for this wonderful resource. I am 80, born 10/41. Every time I think that I know something about WWII, I see something like this and am humbled.This war changed EVERYTHING, and the word “Effort” does not even begin to describe the contributions of the people who brought us through it!

  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Well said Matt. We must never forget what the greatest generation and all military did and continue to do for us. My father in Italy, an uncle in the Philippines, another uncle that landed at Normandy and all the other men and women who have given us our freedom. God bless them all!

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    What’s tragic is how seemingly obvious this attack and how unprepared we were. The number of spies that operated in Hawaii is shocking and documented on History Channel. Sad how many lives were lost because of intelligence lapses.

  3. Berlin Büro
    Berlin Büro says:

    To put time into perspective, the outbreak of the Civil War and Pearl Harbor were only 80 years as well. Even as Floyd mentioned, the idea/theory (and proof from the Freedom of Information Act) shows how many gears were turning in preparation for war. Sadness all around. All we can do now is remember and try to learn.

  4. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Yes, as a result of Pearl Harbor, my dad joined the Army Air Force and was a pilot of a B24 bomber. He made many runs over Germany and was one of the few that survived. Last year there was a B24 at Boeing field and I took my two sons up for a memorial flight! It was worth it!

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    The Attack on Perl Harbor will live in infamy. As Franklin Roosevelt said. It was, and is a sad day in the history of the United States. I salute all of the servicemen who faught over seas during WWII. Also the men and women here at home who worked so hard to support the war effort. They were truly the Greatest Generation.

  6. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    I toured the memorial and Hickam field (I think) in the 60s. Had relatives in the service there so I was able to see the buildings and ground with the machine gun holes up close. Did not appreciate what I saw till I was of age, the draft was over, and all I had to do was sign up (in case). Still creeps me out standing on the memorial watching bubbles come up after all this time. Thanks to all who served.

  7. Clay at Crosslake
    Clay at Crosslake says:

    Jim, you may not recall that those “bubbles” are droplets of diesel fuel that are still seeping out. When they hit the surface they spread out and create beautiful rainbows of color on the water. My “survivor” guide when I was there thirty years ago said that he saw the spirits of his former shipmates in those colors. God bless all of them.

  8. steve bunda
    steve bunda says:

    I wonder if the history of those who sacrificed for our great country is taught in the grades pre K to 12 ? And why those Patriots did it?
    Do the schools still recite the Pledge of Allegiance ?
    If not , Why?

  9. John Lisicich
    John Lisicich says:

    Aloha! We owe a huge debt of gratitude to The Greatest Generation. All you ever have to do is talk once to a surfing veteran and you will be moved to tears. These guys gave all!
    I have been lucky enough to meet quite a few.
    Here’s a link that a fellow in Hawaii has put together. Bryant Neal has been featured on PBS and is one heck of great man.
    Long May our flag wave and we are the land of the free because of the brave!
    Story of Hawaii.com is the website.

  10. Roberta
    Roberta says:

    Never forget those who gave everything, why they gave everything, and that we owe them everything for the Greatest Nation ever. 0

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