We have arrived and safe! Suzy is in the water and hq is all set up. The sons of varnish are here to stay.. Until the shows over then we have to whimper home to our jobs and responsibilities.. But for now we are care free and living large.. Until we get back and have to pay the bills.. Wooohooo




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  1. warren
    warren says:

    Bet you really appreciate that top under the Fla sun!!
    Have fun,we won’t be able to see you this year… 🙁

  2. ranger
    ranger says:

    can’t wait until we see you guys next thursday! 

    we’re rolling in with the old bus, stop by for a cold one! 

    the top is perfect, suzy looks fabulous!

  3. Larry forget
    Larry forget says:

    ENJOY That Boat & Top..  We visited your booth last year while exhibiting with the Glasspar club.. My neighbor is there now with his Molinari Tunnel for vintage speed.. We read yesterday blog about the Jersey skiff Death / flip ..Not good for the hobby / ACBS… Will await your pics,  but also 83 degrees here in Tenn.

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      I would like to clarify that although certain members of the ACBS may also be members of the Classic Raceboat Association, the CRA itself runs this event, and it is totally separate from the the ACBS. The distinction between the two organizations is total, but there is no argument that this was a terribly tragic weekend for those in the classic raceboat fraternity, and in fact all of us in the wider classic boat fraternity – I don’t care if it is ACBS or CRA or anything else. Although I did not witness the accidents, I was there in the aftermath of both and spoke to a number of people who are just in shock. There is no other word to describe it. These are hobbyists, not racers – just folks out there in persuit of fun and enjoyment.  This was an exhibition of old race boats, not a race. It is just an ubelievably sad situation for everyone. 

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    It’s 3 pm, March 18.  Temp just hit 75 in Hessel!!!  Who needs Florida anyway?  Oh that’s right. We all do. Ignore the question. 

  5. Texx
    Texx says:

    Unfortunately we have just received a report of another serious accident today during the hydroplane demonstration race at Lake Dora.

    Stay tuned. 

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Which Suzy got a new top????   This could be the highlight of the week!!!

    OH…you mean that BOAT TOP you found up north…..???

    See in in Tavares, be careful…..

    John in Va.     

  7. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    Matt, Betsy wants to know how do you get your big A*% under that top and do you need a hot tub and massage after being under there for any length of time. Only in the mid to upper 70’s at SML this week but Betsy purrred right up after a 5 month sleep and was ready to streach her sea legs.:)

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