We Interrupt The Endless Milking Of Indian Lake For Breaking News.

For the record, this has been the longest milking on record, and to be honest, I am feeling a tad gassy.. Hey! Believe it or not, there is another months worth to go. Greg Wallace is amazing, and the paper trail and photos are insane. But we have a “plan” so stay tuned.Now, what interrupted the milking? Well, we have been hearing the rumors that the Danenberg Forum is coming to end. Sadly this is a trend. The Boat Buzz is an indication of the issues with forums. They are just not being used like they used to be. Facebook and the huge amount of information is available everywhere. But the real killer is evolution of technology. Stuff is breaking, and stuff just isnt free anymore. So you have to sit down and think, is it worth it? And sadly the answer is no. With all the crap out there, and the never ending 24/7 365 need to keep watch and monitoring, its not only financially exhausting, but mentally. Yes. Its not that its hard, its just always on.

THIS is why we decided to rebuild Woody Boater, and honestly had to have that difficult decision with ourselves 6 months ago. Is it worth it? For me, yes, but not for why you may think. I love the challenge of it all. I have spent 40 years in a business of change, so for me, this is just one more pebble to climb over on the journey of mountain climbing. And thankfully we have friends that feel the same way. Bill Basler and Scott Sawyer have been amazing working through it all.  We are now rebuilding the Website AGAIN! The interaction between the current Woody Boater 55 Gigs of stuff was in conflict with a new format and the need to be on a 8.0php format. So We are rebuilding the rebuild. I can just imaging what its like to run a forum.

So what can be done with all the Danenberg information? Not sure? We have reached out to Dan to see how we can help. And to be honest, is it even possible?


Due to Don’s recent retirement and recent minimal Forum activity, we’ve made the decision to close the Danenberg Boatworks Forum effective February 15, 2023. Launched in January, 2004, the purpose of the Danenberg Boatworks Forum was to communicate with other antique and classic boat enthusiasts and freely share knowledge and experience. The Danenberg Boatworks Forum has grown to include 2,531 registered users, 19,220 posts, and 5,167,563 page views. Don has posted 5,410 times! The Danenberg Boatworks Forum data will be archived. The current dataset is a proprietary format and conversion to a freeware system does not currently exist. We are researching possible avenues to be able to provide access to the archive in the future. Thank you for participating on the Danenberg Boatworks Forum!

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    I received that same e-mail. Sad but the one thing that’s inevitable in life is change.

    Thank you Don for all your wisdom that you have passed on to us.

  2. Chip DeBoer
    Chip DeBoer says:

    Don worked his magic when he restored DUCHESS, our 1904 Western Launch.
    Thank you for all that you have done for the hobby!
    Enjoy your retirement.

  3. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Don was a great help when I was restoring Miss Dot, his book was a big help also. Thanks again Don and enjoy your retirement.

  4. Rob Schantz
    Rob Schantz says:

    Don did a 1941 19′ Custom for me and what blew my mind was he planked the boat from one tree. He took the time to match the end grain up with other planks and put the log back together. Who does that sort of thing. His knowledge always amazed me and he did not charge for the information. I can not say enough good things about Double D.

  5. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    Don is a rare professional who is not only a master at his craft but is openly willing to share his expertise with those of us who are trying to preserve these pieces of history.
    I am very grateful for the guidance I have gotten from Don and his forum and wish him all the best in retirement. He has also talked about writing a new book on the subject and I am really looking forward to that.

    • Steve Leslie
      Steve Leslie says:

      Well said Denis! I could not agree more.
      When I was painting my pre-war engine, Don even mailed me a sample of blue engine paint that he had from a vintage can of Chris Craft engine paint. Don went out of his way to steer me straight on a lot of details. Could not have restored my boat to the level of quality without Don and the forum!
      Jim Grant is also a forum member/contributor and is a huge wealth of knowledge on engines and all things mechanical. I had some ignition problems that he was able to sort out.
      That’s the power of community! Its such a shame that these particular type of forums have become so expensive to manage and run.

  6. tom
    tom says:

    I spent alot of time on the site (almost daily) years ago, during and after I restored my Shepherd. Although the site was filled with vastly more info on Chris Craft, and the guys interested in them, basic restoration and finishing techniques are shared among the different makes. His book was irreplaceable.(Anyone who has his book should recognize the cover photo).There’s not alot of options in this hobby as far as that kind of expertise and info go, the forum will be missed.

  7. Kerry Price
    Kerry Price says:

    I was an early member of Don’s forum. Without it and his book, I would not likely have been able to rebuild/restore True Grit, my 20′ 1946 Chris Craft Custom Runabout.
    There were (are) competing ideas about how to rebuild the bottom of a boat back then.
    Don preferred the 5200 system using modern materials but still having, for the most part, a traditional bottom. Many people now refer to this as a Danenberg Bottom. He may not have invented it but I’d give him credit for perfecting it. Others have been West System enthusiasts and there are still those that think the best way to go is the old way of using Linseed-saturated canvas. And yes, even those who like fiberglass.
    I say, “if it flotes your boat” go for it.
    After hearing as many talking points about the pros and cons of each I quickly decided that the 5200 method, along with the addition of CPES and Interlux 2000E was the way to go.
    Back in those days, his was the only forum like it. We had regular contributors and much valuable information was exchanged between amateurs and professionals alike.
    Happy to hear that his archives will live on. Thank you!

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