“We May Have All Come On Different Ships, But We’re In The Same Boat Now.” Martin Luther King

We are better together.

We are running this story from last MLK day to keep this dream alive. Never in our history has this message been so important. Thankyou Dr King, for all you did to push us ALL forward. Your message is so much greater today than ever!

Different on the surface. Same in our souls.

In honor of MLK day we here at woody boater reach out to all boaters out there. The Fiberglassics, The Aluminumers. The Steel hulls, Those Boats that are really cars….or is it cars that are boats…, Rubber rafts, Floating bath tubs, Pontoon boats, and yes….ugh….even Jet Ski’s… But just today on those. Happy MLK Day.

Life’s more fun with variety

Plastic and Aluminum together


Cars that are boats

In our world even Cigarettes are good for you

1960s Hydromite its an outboard but they put it in front of the driver it must turn on a dime

Heck even if you passed on to another world. You are always at home here! LARRY! Lives on!

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    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
      Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

      How about styrofoam boats with sails. I think what we all need is love, respect, and understanding. If we can do all that then we can move forward. Peace to all !

  1. Jeffrey Martinson
    Jeffrey Martinson says:

    Matt, have you ever done a story on Ansil Saunders? He’s a 5th generation boat builder, who just happened to befriend MLK. Here’s a clip of him reminiscing:

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