Welcome To The 4th Annual Woody Boater Virtual Office Party.

Relax and pull up a chair! Little Fritz wants to talk Varnish!

Welcome to the big day, our big holiday party. We hope you can join us in the comment section. Anyone who is anyone will be here, and if they aren’t, we will put them here. Being dead is not an excuse, in fact if you are, you could literally be the life of the party. Just ask Larry and Chris they showed up a tad early, apparently it’s a totally different time zone where they are currently boating.

Larry always could liven up a party!

Schmaltzie is even here already.. I think the tan is a spray on tan.. just say’n Chris!

Troy no doubt will bring many of his “cousins” and of course what would be a party with out Andreas trying to give Thompson boats credit for inventing…well everything.

Grab a bite of soup!

Paul and Karen will hopefully make it. No really, it’s been a while between break downs.. BTW We have a Thesaurus here for anyone to understand Paul’s comment.

There is plenty of beer!


Alex is working on some sort of obscure reference to something that only people understand that are frozen in for to long. Its been winter in Hessel for three months already. And of course we can not have any sort of party without some BACON! So, bring it all.. We are all looking forward to see how big the little Francini is these days. Our youngest Woody Boater of the month.

So come on in, the shrimp is cold, the beer is colder, and Bridget is getting bored standing there!

I am so board!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    The coffee is ready for us early risers. Our office party was last night and my liver is still removing the tequila from my system so I may wait until noon for further alcoholic beverages.

  2. William Hammond
    William Hammond says:

    Let’s see – Woody Boater’s Christmas Party – Girls – Beer – A Mahogany Tree decorated with rare Chrome & Brass ornaments – Early attendees with nothing to do – What’s missing? Of course! An Accordianist! And Pretzels! Point me to the Pretzels!

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    We are getting a late start, but we just launched Water Lily in Algonac and are now on our way to the party. Merry Christmas to all our WoodyBoater freinds!
    Greg and Marianne

  4. animals have rights
    animals have rights says:

    Posting a picture of a chimpanzee smoking for entertainment purposes is terrible for a number of thoughtless reasons. This animal has been torn from its family, locked and traumatized in transportation to its new surroundings. Keeping this animal for entertainment purposes is one thing, teaching it to smoke is just over the top. Using this image as a humour point is low. Matt your better than this; your a creative guy; Please change the picture..sorry to be a party p… but you cannot condone behaviour like this. I hope this is not going to be a day of misogynic behaviour as well..which it will be. sometimes a little tasteless like bill cosby.

    • Mike W
      Mike W says:

      I had to look up misogynic. Heck, spell check doesn’t even recognize it. As far as Zippy is concerned, he died long ago and it was before the Surgeon General labeled cigarettes bad for your health.

    • Jack Schneiberg
      Jack Schneiberg says:

      Frankly, my man, (and I am sympathetic to animal rights), I think that chimp looks pretty relaxed and content. I just had my 73rd birthday and my facial bags and the lack of hair in certain places makes my visuals not so far away from “ZIP” except I need glasses. I also really miss smoking cigarettes and find myself rather envious of “ZIP”. He does not look stressed. He looks relaxed. I think he may have been in the Egg Nogg.

    • Steve Moreau
      Steve Moreau says:

      Hope that pig is not smoking! The monkey and his luck strikes didn’t get a good review! Matt Got in a little past 4:00 and no one was their and all the lights were off whats up! We’re down the road at the motel 6 they left the light on for us.

  5. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    Did you know in Ohio there is a law that says you can’t get a fish drunk. Did you? Hmmmmm? Okay? Yeah, ok.

  6. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It is very presumptuous to tell the monkey what he can and cannot do or want to do, and it is super hypocritical to do it in the name of his rights. What happened to the monkey’s right to smoke whatever he wants?

  7. Oldernowiser
    Oldernowiser says:

    Sorry I can’t make it this year but I just finished restoration on my hot tub yacht and will be launching it later today. Going easy on the bubbles this year though so as to avoid another sinking like last year.
    Probably just as well as it appears there is at least one PC policeman there already and I do have a warrant……
    Merry Christmas All!!

  8. Terry
    Terry says:

    Looks like the party has been gaining speed. Scrooze showed up about Zip. Love Zip!! He’s just waiting out morning fog so he can get behind his Riva. Merry Christmas party animals

  9. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    The warm up band has arrived! Uh oh…are those cat gut strings? You guys will have to sit with the chimp until we get a PC ruling on those strings.

  10. Danny
    Danny says:

    Oewkay den hon! Here frum beeyooteeful Murlin where da steamed crabs are hot, da natty bohs are cold, an arsters are ready, so cmon downyohshun an have some!

  11. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Nice party…I split early to GO BOATING…too much monkey business for serious cruisers…..perfect day on the Chesapeake….

    Merry Christmas to all.

    John in Va.

  12. FLASH
    FLASH says:

    Great Party Matt!! Who’s got the Fireball? And where in the heck is Kentucky Wonder?? I’m turning around now…

  13. TMNelson
    TMNelson says:

    New guy here and fashionably late to the party it looks like. Love this site and am looking forward to running into some of you on the water next year hopefully.


  14. Robin
    Robin says:

    On our way. The big guy never asks for directions and the one time he does some Joker sent us the wrong way. Be there soon.

  15. Hank
    Hank says:

    I don’t see why if the chimp can smoke, he can’t also have a gun. Someone’s gotta get started on a primate remake of ‘Dirty Harry’

  16. Berlin Bureau
    Berlin Bureau says:

    Wash down any awkward feeling with a litre of bier – We’ve got a lederhosen that fits the occasion just right!

  17. Tobler Fine
    Tobler Fine says:

    Enough with the monkey business! How about a video of some really cute girls running up and down a beach? These babes know how to party!

  18. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    I’m heading your way full tilt. I’m bringing some good Wisconsin Limburger Cheese and Rye Bread. Also have some raw ground sirloin and onions. MMMMMMMMMMyyyyy-good. I will need a cocktail when I get there as my nose looks like Rudolph’s……….

  19. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    Happy Holidays from the boat restorers of NW Michigan. where it all restored. KJ, bill , Carl, Hal, Don, Russ , Jarvis, green, tommy, and jimmy.

  20. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    All right, I’m here in Tavares. I don’t see any of you guys around. Where are you? The cheese is starting to stink and I’m running low on gas…………………

  21. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Running low on drink umbrellas. Uncle Nut Whad has volunteered to run for more. Looks like he’s all set. For something.

  22. warren
    warren says:

    Sorry we couldn’t make it this year…..been working on the new old trailer for the new old boat.Merry Christmas everyone!!! Drinks are on us !!

  23. warren & Debbie
    warren & Debbie says:

    Shoot , we forgot we were supposed to bring a table to the party…..I’ll be right over with it !!

  24. Texx
    Texx says:

    Because so many people came to town for the party, I had trouble finding a motel room last night when I arrived at Lake Cyberspace – so I had to camp at the launch ramp (again). Then missed my wake-up call and arrived at the party late…

  25. Texx
    Texx says:

    Then Matt sent me across the lake to pick up a surprise celebrity guest – and her plane was late because of (cough) bad weather. So we are just arriving now…

    (can anybody guess who the surprise celebrity guest is? – those of you who can still focus that is…)

  26. warren$debbie
    warren$debbie says:

    If we are going to make it before the beer & rum is gone,we better bring the tri-motor skiff!! Want to race Matt??

  27. Texx
    Texx says:

    We received a note from fellow Woody Boater Marty Feletto who is celebrating the holidays in Bavaria at the Neuschwanstein (Mad Ludwigs) Castle, to say Happy Holidays. The folks from RAM in Italy would also like to send along their Best Wishes for the Holidays.

  28. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    Im sorry we are so late to the party, we could not get our horse interested, he was too busy eating. Sounds like a lot of drinking and monkeying around has been going on all day, a great time was had by all,

    Merry Christmas to all from Southern Kentucky

    • Cobourg Kid
      Cobourg Kid says:

      With all respect to Zip the Chimp and all the holiday Hijinks I thought that I might take the chance to inject a bit of real Christmas spirit here.

      OK yes I can hear the “What a downer man” all the way up here in the great white north, but frankly scarlet I don’t give a dang,

      Here’s the story.

      Today I opened my mail and found a Christmas ornament amongst the bills, not just an ordinary ornament, mind you, but a pewter image of the steam yacht “Phoebe”; all the more sentimental as it came from a friend who is battling cancer.

      For those who don’t know about the Phoebe she was once owned by Dr. John Brashear and his wife Phoebe Stewart Brashear.

      The Brashear’s were Pittsburgians and in that redoubtable town (also known as “hell with the top off “back in the late 1800s) Brashear started his career as a low paid heavy equipment maintenance worker.

      Fortunately (for us) Brashear was gifted with an un-dying passion for the stars. Legend has it that after long days toiling in the Stygian mills at the confluence of the Allegany and the Monongahela rivers, Brashear managed to summon the strength to convert a three-meter-square coal shed into a workshop.

      With his workshop in place he proceeded to design, build and refine his own line of astronomical refractor telescope’s and optical devices, eventually developing a revolutionary process for silvering lenses; a methodology that remained “state of the art” until the late 1930s.

      Now at the turn of the century Pittsburgh was not a favored place to spend the summer and those that could afford to would take the slightest opportunity to hop the Buffalo Pittsburgh and Rochester first class coach and head north to far flung places some of which included destinations in Ontario, particularly Cobourg (yes I had to get a plug in) and Lake Muskoka.

      With some new-found wealth Brashear was attracted by extraordinary tales his friends and acquaintances would tell him about Muskoka’s extraordinary dark and unpolluted night sky. Intrigued he and Phoebe decided to investigate renting accommodations for one summer, which turned into three years of summer and then into an investment. In 1900 the family decided to acquire a small island in the midst of lower Lake Muskoka, an island Brashear very appropriately named “Urania”,

      In 1913 a 48 foot steam yacht was gifted to Brashear (perhaps as a Christmas tribute?) by friends and students who wished to honor his friendship and work, some say fellow Pittsburgian Andrew Carnegie was a major contributor to that campaign.

      Built by the Davis Dry Dock Company of Kingston over the winter of 1913-1914 the “Phoebe” was shipped that spring via rail car from Kingston, Ontario to Gravenhurst where she found her first home in the waters of Lake Muskoka.

      Thankfully unlike 99% of the multitude of marvelous wooden steam yachts that once plied North American waters, Phoebe, unlike most of her sisters, has beaten the odds. Now back home in Kingston she has had care lavished upon by a dedicated crew of woody boaters and restorationists who intend that she and her kind are never forgotten.

      Like my friend that generously gave me the Phoebe ornament let my Christmas wish be that she too continues to thrive and survive like Brashear’s treasured yacht.

  29. Chad
    Chad says:

    Nice ornament, CK.

    I’ve got the munchies. Is it OK to eat BBQ ribs that have been sitting out all day? Has anyone seen Al Benton? He was supposed to bring the cougars and single malt.

  30. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Cheers CK, would love a tree full of those ornaments. Will have to settle for the ornaments “attached herein”.

  31. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    Good evening everyone hope you Christmas will be full of love and good cheer. My we all remember the promise that was given us so many years ago and it’s still has all the hope and love as it did back then and will forever.
    May God bless each of you and yours. I pray that this Christmas your lives will be full of joy , happiness and good will towards all.

  32. Franchini
    Franchini says:

    With his busy social schedule, it took me a while to track down Cole. I guess he has grown a little bit 😉 Merry Christmas everyone!

  33. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    Sorry about arriving late for the party, but loads of work today. Christmastime in retail. Thanks to Andy for asking about me. Ronald, have we met before? I see you are in Kentucky. Cobourg Kid, the photo of the ornament did not come through on my browser, can you repost it? Great story, though. OK, time for the coffee and Baileys…..it was cold on the way home tonight. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

    • Cobourg Kid
      Cobourg Kid says:

      As requested I’ve reposted the Phoebe KW. Seems that that darn photo likes some browsers and not others , Perhaps a glitch in the new platform.. hopefully ol Santa Claus will sort it out that is if Matt leaves him some Mad Tom ( AKA Muskoka Beer).

      Merry Christmas CK

    • WoodyGal
      WoodyGal says:

      It’s been a heck of a day. Bridget’s Riva ran out of gas and left me stranded and you’ll never guess who was driving by with an extra can of gas……..Paul Harrison!

  34. Ron Stevenson (PST 20:14)
    Ron Stevenson (PST 20:14) says:

    Just got an email Christmas card from Ike Kielgass and his BGFE Brenda…
    I don’t think they would mind if I passed on to you all! They have some great moves!
    Guess you’ll have to cut and paste this, though.

    Happy Holidaze everybody!

    And to all a Good Night!


    PS: Where do I get that vodka up there earlier on the page?

  35. Chad
    Chad says:

    I’ll have a shot of VO, little man.

    Better yet, give me the bottle. Somebody just walked in the door with a Karaoke machine.

    “The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
    of the big lake they called Gitche Gumee.”

  36. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    Sorry I missed the party… Had to cook dinner for the family with a one month old straped to my chest…

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