Well Let’s Floor This Sucker Today!

Pickles doing her thang!

It happened, we switch engines last night after the old man beat the crap out of the young upstart. What a great reminder that experience, age, and determination are good things. Thanks Tom for that joy last night. So, onto Woody Boaters move last night over to its dedicated server. I have been told all went well. So lets see? Lets test this sucker out. A speed trial of sorts.

go dogs go!

I will put up a Header Day today so you can hit refresh and see how fast it loads up. Over the next week we should also see some improvement in the Search Area on Google. So lets go, lets all pile in together and floor it across the lake! LIVE LIFE FULL THROTTLE.

Oh hell ya!


Oh Ya!

Turn and return

Oh hi Darla, is that your boyfriend out there on his boat? Oh ya Betty, they call him the Minute man.. Oh Darla, so sorry. Does he at least take a shower before?


Oh ya, no slow down speed from sharing the server with knitting and cooking websites. It’s all ours!

Let those megabytes just splash in your face!

We are ready! We have room to grow grow grow now

Charles can floor it here all day long now! We miss you Charles,

No virus here! Hug, cram in there, spit your food out. Just bask in the power

All elecronic ignition, no old plugs. Sorry.

it should load on your phone as well.


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    AWESOME Matt!!!

    I never know weather to commend you for being so committed, or simply claim that you should be “committed”.

    Just thought I would bring your favorite computer girlfriend back for a visit.

      • Troy in ANE
        Troy in ANE says:

        I have noticed that Header Days do not change with every click of the refresh button for a while. I think Matt wants us to really take in the header before clicking on to the next one.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    18” of snow a week ago and another 7” yesterday. Looks like it’s going to be a while before Panther goes anywhere.

  3. Brian Kaiser
    Brian Kaiser says:

    Does that mean the app works now?
    Have had it for a long time and it stopped working.
    Tried to re register and cannot.

  4. Scott
    Scott says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to open up today’s story with a picture of Rhubarb (Shepherd) and my crew at Clayton. I think your engine and boats in today’s post are running perfectly

    • Don Palmer
      Don Palmer says:

      ??? OK Scott, you lost me. What am I missing? I didn’t see your shepherd. Maybe Matt changed things up?

  5. David Hughes
    David Hughes says:

    Seems to be working on my phone in the frozen Great White North…by the end of the week I’ll be able to skate across to the USA!

  6. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    No luck on my iPhone or iPad for the mobile app. Deleted it and reloaded. Still stuck in sign in screen. Rather use the desktop anyway but occasionally like to catch up on my phone if I’m out. Those interns need some cubicle justice.

  7. Shep22
    Shep22 says:

    Congratulations — don’t know where you get the time to make these big changes and work at the same time. The ‘Mrs’ must not get a lot of attention!

  8. Bill DeGlopper
    Bill DeGlopper says:

    1931 Chris Craft. This boat was raced originally in local regattas, 1955-1966. In 1956, registered as APBA M-2 F Service. In 1956, it was powered by a Buick engine, and was driven from the rear of the boat. Competing in the Nationals in Buffalo, almost won. However the motor (Buick) fell apart, Bill Burgess (driver) & Harold Bauer, (who was the owner at that time) decided to change the power to Ford 390 FE and make hull adjustments. In 1959, added to the chine on both sides from the trip back to increase the hull width at the transom. Knee braces were added to all the stringers and original braces. Cavitation plate was built for more running surface and stability and fins for tracking. Placement of the engine moved to the rear and attached by a Borg Warner velvet drive 71C coupled to a Casalle V- Drive via a jack shaft. Prop shaft angles and steering were changed. The seating arrangement was changed to two forward cockpits driving from the cockpit forward of the engine. Bucket seats were added. The entire hull was fiberglassed. We made prop changes and settled on a two blade, Cary propeller. In 1961, won Buffalo Launch Club around Grand Island Marathon 27 miles, in 22 minutes and 37 seconds. A local record. For years, canvassed the boat, traveled thousands of miles from Buffalo to Miami, FL, including Washington, DC, Elizabeth City, NC, Millville, NJ, Rehovoth Beach, Norfolf, VA, Chestertown, MD, etc. It was definitely a crowd pleaser. This boat today is owned and restored by Tom Frauenheim who purchased it from the estate of Harold Bauer. The boat has been sitting for many years (36) and needed extensive restoration. Bill Burgess had the chance to drive this boat again at the Buffalo Launch Club Antique Regatta, (2003). As boat racing goes, a part of history many involved will never forget, especially people in Buffalo NY. A pioneer area in boat racing.

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