What The Click? 35,300 Viewers In One Day?

Yiiikes! Are my stats trying to tell me something?

From time to time I check our stats, and it’s always around the same. As low as 3500-5000 unique views a day. Like clock work. From time to time it can hit 7000 and higher if there is a tragedy. Hey, it’s the internet and human behavior. So imagine my shock yesterday checking the stats and BAM! WHAT THE HECK?


Last Friday we did a story on a painful barn find. Heck we have been doing in the barn stuff all week, but man oh man, you and others sure liked watching that find in Reedville. So, Friday, 8,000, then Saturday 35,300, and Sunday another 10,000 Views. Dang, we didn’t even have to use cats! oh they are ready!

Oh and all our sponsors benefited big time. The Chris Craft club which averages around 50 clicks a day from us got over 200, and all our sponsors got 4 times the clicks. Which is a win win.

Lake Dora!

So what did I learn from this. CARS have a huge audience. That’s it. That video has close to 700K views on Youtube, so in a way, we got a tid bit of that. But its again, a win win for us all. Exposure is great, you know what they say, just make sure your name is spelled right? OH.. WAIT. UGH!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I don’t care about clicks all that much, but that header shot is amazing! Oh, and dogs are better than cats as click bait, except when a cat is combined with psychotic house wives in a meme.

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    I think it was the BoothBay Harbor Maine hat that brought out all the attention!

  3. Mike VanMiddlesworth
    Mike VanMiddlesworth says:

    I think it was the ruskies or the chinese trying to find out where all the good barn finds were 🙂 … seems we have run out of good barn finds thats why I have been looking back at the archives… like when you pulled those three out at one time… wow. Anyway great sunset on the header.

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