When Was The Last Time You Saw A 1936 Mullins Sea Eagle?

After spending a long (but enjoyable) day at the Lake Tahoe Concours on Thursday, Matt & I decided to spend a few minutes exploring the huge showroom at Sierra Boat Company, and the air conditioning was nice too…

The showroom has a large selection of wooden boats including a Chris-Craft Riviera, Century Arabian, and a few Gar Wood Runabouts that were amazing.

Even a few cool vintage marine engines like this Packard and a Scripps straight six.

Then tucked away in the corner, we noticed this interesting little boat. It’s a 1936 Mullins Sea Eagle 16′ powered by a Lycoming Model 4-58 – 58HP engine. I looked at Matt and he looked at me and said “When was the last time you saw a 1936 Mullins Sea Eagle?” For me the answer is – Never… So we thought it would be fun to share this little boat with our viewers and ask the same question.

The attention to detail is great on this boat, check out the Eagle shaped bow eye…

And the dual lights with integrated rear view mirrors…

Ignore the rubber flooring, one of the customers was inspecting the flooring under the rubber mat, who by the way was satisfied with what they saw.

A shot of the period correct (I think) Lycoming 4-58 power plant.

And the original Lycoming engine plate located under the hatch. The boats on the showroom floor because it’s for sale. You can click here to go to the Sierra Boat Company web site and showroom for more information on this very rare, very cool little Mullins Boat.

The last shot of the day was taken of this very nice Chris-Craft 20′ Custom Runabout “Material Girl” from nearby Homewood, California just down the lake.

Stay tuned to Woody Boater for more Live-ish updates on Friday and the judges wrap up their work and the crowds gather at the docks to see the magnificent wooden boats on display.


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  1. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Oh boy your’e killing me!!! Is that Mullins really a pressed steel hull. Be worse than a Lancia for rust wouldnt it? Beaytiful little boat. While you and Matt are there you have to ask Herb to show you through the boat storage areas. Wear your diapers.
    Whats the sweet little fibre- glass boat next to Material girl?

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Hey, if anybody has an open hitch and wouldn’t mind towing Material Girl back to the east coast for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    I confirm that you need to see the boat storage area. Several of us managed to sneak up the back stairs back in 2000 and we wandered around for a couple of hours up there. Because we didn’t tell anybody we were going up-they locked the stair doors on us. Fortunately – somebody was still roaming around the launch area and let us back down. Yes – we were scolding – What fun that was!!!!! Had we been stuck – I wonder what craft we might have chosen to bed down in????

  4. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Mullins’ are scarce, that is for sure. There was a 1911 Mullins launch at Tavares, I think I saw an early 1930’s Sea Eagle somewhere last year and last and certainly least is my own forlorn 1926 Mullins Outboard Special. That one is going to be refreshed later this year and returned to the water, but it’ll never see Tahoe.

    I am itching to get out and look at all this and more today. Getting two boats in and judged yesterday was hectic, but now it is time for fun and relaxation.

  5. Melody Dobbins
    Melody Dobbins says:

    Hi all- My dad has a near mint condition 1939 Oil City Mullins Sea Eagle. It was his father’s, and has been in our garage my whole life. He just recently hear a rumor that there were basically none of them left, and has me fishing around to see if I can find out any more information. If anyone could respond to this, or give me tips to finding a boat historian, or insurer, that would be amazing. Thanks!

  6. Oren Smith
    Oren Smith says:

    Melody, There is an absolutely beautiful restored Sea Eagle in Syracuse, NY. and another sans engine here in Cuba NY. Actually, Oil City is a little south of Cuba.

    The one in Syracuse is advertised on Craigslist Syracuse wed nov 14.

  7. larry lilienthal
    larry lilienthal says:

    We “Rebecca and myself” live in upper michigan,lived in Tahoe a while back,and knew old Dick Clark in Carnelian bay. He was a real Tahoe jentleman. We have a 1939 Mullins Sea Eagle utility, havent run it for years, to many other boats.As to the fellow who thought it would rust,these boats were galv. steel and held up realy well in fresh water. I have many memorys about my Sea Eagle. Water discharge just aft the drivers seat runs warm above the water line,so the driver can feel the discharged water to see if the water pump is working. I would grab a handfull of warm water from this and put it on a passanger and tell them we just went through a warm spot. They sure would wonder about that? gotta love them Eagles!

  8. Kathy Krause
    Kathy Krause says:

    I was wondering if there is anybody out there that knows anybody interested in a mullins sea eagle it needs restoring the chrome is all redone, It is in a estate that has to be sold.
    If anyones knows something please email kathykrause61@gmail.com

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