Why We Are Here. Oh Ya And Dogs! Mash Up Day!


All the pictures today will be of cute dogs. Because, well because it’s just fun!

Last week we did some stories on the Lake Dora Show and the “Dock Issue” We had gotten the news about 2 weeks ago, and to be honest, which I always am, even to my exposed stupidity, I didn’t want to put the story out. I knew it would get touchy comments. Which as you also know, I allow. I then followed up on those comments and private emails and did a story on the elephant in the room. It needed to be talked about and not glossed over and let go. I trusted that the Sunnyland gang and Terry Fiest are trying VERY hard to make stuff happen. But that glossing over stuff would just make it worse. I will say this again. I HAD MORE FUN LAST YEAR!

Lots of poohcies

But, and this is  an example of why you all might think I am frustrated with how stuff plays out.

The elephant in the room forced the conversation as planned. Several Woody Boaters reached out to folks at the city and we got an official letter. A very nice letter. We published this story right away. BTW, in a fun way. I felt for the guy at the city of Taveres. He is trying to do a good job. ALL GOOD.

These dogs LOVE Katz’s!

But, and here is where it gets more contentious. On the ACBS website, they also printed the official letter. And to Dans credit, Ran it straight. Truer to the ACBS style. BUT. In the comment section were these two Comments.

Oh… You dogs! – Mash Up Metaphor?

Wilson! Our Wilson? Did you read our stories? We included the official letter and pushed it out there to our pain. And Guy Marvin? Well Guy is right. That comment made me belly laugh. The second we get professional I quit. Now, all this brought up a more interesting thought. We are here to not be polite, or let stuff be politically correct. We care, we are passionate about exposing the truth and believe that if we can talk about stuff like this. It gets better. The ACBS is a class act. They are “The Society” The high road. So it is rude to point out things like this subject. But sometimes that doesn’t solve the problem, but just make it worse.

And this little crew member in from Annette Kjonno

Here is Morgan after biting one to many wakes..

Scarlet likes a boat ride

A real “Golden Retriever”

Algonac Pooch

Oreo as a Pup!

Bob and Gracie out on the lake

Attached is a photo from the 1956 Century Catalog… Funny thing is My wife works with the son of the dogs owner… the dog was named popcorn… I sent the guy this photo he showed it to his mother… They were just there for the photo shoot but she had never seen the photo… I think Popcorn was a English Springer Spinal. The boat is a 1956 Century Resorter 18′.

Capt Ruby

She can captain any boat

A Man his dog and his boat Perfect – Robinbrook is a 1926 Ditchburn

“Easy Daisy” is a 1950 Chris Craft 19’ Racing Runabout named after our two Golden Retrievers who enjoy going for rides on Torch Lake, MI. Easy on the left and Daisy on the right side.

Honey – Grab The Dog And Let’s Go See The RMS Segwun and the Wenonah II On The Big Cruise Today!

pepe never wanted to be left behind

Deaf as a doornail and old and doesnt really know where he is from time to time. But sure loves a boat ride!

Hopefully you enjoyed the mash up today. Fun dog pictures with some ranting? Hey, its winter. And yesterday while sniffing varnish this seemed like a good idea. Now, after a good nights sleep??????


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  1. Shep22
    Shep22 says:

    Your coverage didn’t seem much different then that from the ACBS –in the end both said the same thing.

  2. briant
    briant says:

    Hey, wait a sec… kitties like boats too.

    In fact, here is a great shot of Kitty Brunell (she was a successful British race car driver in the 20’s and 30’s) in a grand old wood racing boat !

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