Woody Boat on ABCs Modern Family

20120926-212246.jpg If you are on mountain or west coast time tune into modern family at 9 on abc tonight. About 15 minutes in we all get a treat. Here are some snap shots of the screen. The boat is named Fatal Attraction – 1957 CC 20′ Continental, owned by Robert Newcomer, Santa Ana, California.. Go Robert! Ya gotta tv star boat now!



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  1. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    One of my family’s old boats!

    This was one of the first boats my dad restored. Sold it in 1994. Bob picked it up a few years ago. He also did a photo shoot last year with Brooklyn Decker in it.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    WOW this was quick! I was about to post something about it off topic on today’s earlier blog. WoodyBoaters never sleep.

  3. Bob Newcomer
    Bob Newcomer says:

    Fatal Attraction is also currently being shown in two Infiniti SUV commercials. You can see them on the network news with Diane Sawyer (ABC) & Brian Williams(NBC) also Fox PM News

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