Woody Boater 2nd Annual Virtual Holiday Party – Stop In For A Shrimp & A Slug

Well, it’s now just after midnight here at the virtual Woody Boater club house and considering this year’s “shindig” started over 14 hours ago, it’s safe to say that the 2nd Annual Virtual Holiday Party was a big success, with virtually record attendance. Thanks to all the fellow Woody Boaters who stopped by from around the country (and around the world) for some holiday cheer and we hope everyone made it home safely.

As you know, today we launched our new (more) interactive comment section today and that went over well. It has a few glitches with the photo uploading feature but we are confident that we can work that out. At the end of today’s story is a classic YouTube video from 1963 that kind of describes how things operate here at Woody Boater HQ most days – Scroll down and check it out.

Happy Holidays, last swim of the year from Muscamoot Bay, Harsens Island Michigan.

The lapstrake guys love a good party…

Holy Crap! – A boat load of thirsty Canadian’s are just pulling up to the dock… Better send out for more beer & shrimp.

Chris Smith and daughter Joy send holiday cheer to all. Really.. They are smiling.. Really..

Well – It’s finally Friday, December 21st – the sun is up and by all accounts, it looks like the Mayans’ “doomsday” predictions didn’t exactly work out… At least everything appears to be normal here in the west. According to legend, the ancient Mayans’ long-count calendar ends at midnight Thursday, ushering in the end of the world. So that varnish job you were putting off can now be put back on the schedule for after the holidays.

This just in from email. Don’t ask how this happened, But ARRRRG! is in the house. Kinda.Larry’s email said. “Hi Matt, Texx,
Don’t believe that Mayan calendar stuff! Lotsa good boating here, Merry Christmas to all!”

Rabbit will be joining the party from my pontoon boat, because everyone knows that pontoon boats were made for partying, even if some people have fallen asleep.

The Party Is Officially Under Way – Mark, Jim & Hamster Just Arrived

The much anticipated 2nd Annual Woody Boater Virtual Holiday Party will begin at 10:00AM EST today. Matt had an early morning business meeting in DC today (darn day job) and has put me in charge of the door for the first few hours. And with my limited social skills we are depending on a few of our regulars here at Woody Boater to help us kick the party off in normal Sons of Varnish fashion.

Everyone is invited to the virtual party for some holiday cheer, we will provide the virtual all-you-can-eat food (including traditional Holiday Shrimp Puffs – Matt’s favorite) and virtual all-you-can-drink adult beverages all day from 10:00 AM until the virtual cops arrive which should be around 10:00 PM if it’s like last year… All you need to bring is your computer and a favorite boating photo (or what ever photo you prefer) with a few holiday wishes.

You can e-mail your photo to Texx@woodyboater.com or Matt@woodyboater.com and we will get them posted on today’s story as they come in. If you don’t have a photo, you are still welcome to join the virtual party by commenting below. And – the best part is you can stop by throughout the day to see how your fellow Woody Boaters are doing after a few brewskis. Last year a large group of Lapstrake guys showed up in a bus and drank all the warm beer, so this year we have stocked up.

We year we are expecting some celebrities from the hobby and from Hollywood who will be dropping by throughtout the day. And also some famous musicians to livin the joint up.

But before we begin today, we want to join in with folks from across the country, and observe a moment of silence at 9:30AM EST to remember the victims of the shooting in Newtown, CT that took the lives of 20 first graders and six of their teachers and staff members exactly one week earlier at Sandy Hook Elementary.

OK – I am trying to get the doors to the virtual Woody Boater Clubhouse / Boathouse open… The doors are frozen shut.

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Virtual Holiday Party!

We have Virtual Beer…

Virtual Shrimp Puffs (Rick – Get out of them until the other guests arrive!!)

Jim Staib from Fine Wood Boats has offered to start bringing people over to the boat house, and he will be our Virtual Designated Driver later today…

Greg & Marianne Lewandowski just arrived – on time as always

Rick Gambino and Panther just arrived – With some minor carb issues…

Duo says – Happy Holidays!

Ladies & Germs (Drum Roll Please) – I would like to introduce Tommy Holmes. He just went on a Beer Run, and will be back later.

Well, I’m all dressed up and ready to go to the party! I Just didn’t have any directions on how to get there so, I thought I’d follow the crowd! Merry Christmas to all…and glasses of varnish all around. – Sean Conroy

Jim Staib says “HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL” from McHenry, Illinois” 290 days without snow.

Deb and I are coming but we may be a little late…then again what kind of wood boat gathering would it be if someone didn’t get towed in? Merry Christmas Texx. Hope to see you at WWW the last weekend in June. I’ll take you for a ride powered by the recently rebuilt Hemi…(if we are done by then)

From Fellow Woody Boater Dan Ward “Texx – I wanted to share this photo of my grand kids enjoying the boat in Texas. Both of them drive the boat with my watchful eye.”

Happy Holidays from DBSK12 (Is he a secret agent?)

M. Fine says “Russian vodka and a hard hat…lets get this party started!”

After the incredibly slow trip last year in Skeeto, I thought it needed a little power upgrade this year. Now let see, at $1275/ barrel for race fuel… Maybe a plane ticket will work better!

Have a great Holiday! – Brian Franchini

Texx, Were on our way! A little late, We had to stock up on some PRIMO BEER! Mele Kalikimaka! from the WICKED WAHINE

Kia ora Texx, Ive come for the party and Ive brought some of the family. Thats my son Elliot on the left, then my daughters Renee and Bianca, then me and my partner Amelia. My other two kids are outside tieing up the Arabian.

Cocktails all round! Philip (from New Zealand)

We just received an e-mail from some folks in New Jersey to ask what to wear to the Virtual Party. Well – If your a guy we would suggest a fashionable leisure suit…

And here’s what all the girls are wearing now… (I think – Texx)

This just in from Dane Anderson in Minnesota. He is digging himself out and will be on his way to the party soon. – Texx

Texx – The world DID end, cuz’ I’ve got to be in Heaven (or someplace awfully close)!!!!!!!!!!

Randy Mueller – Gig Harbor, WA

Look who just arrived… I told you there were some celebrities on the “A List”.

You guys mind if I bring one or two extra friends from Lake Geneva? I promise we’ll bring beer. – Slats

Welcome on board Captain Slats! – Texx

We started to run low on beer so we went down into the basement and look what we found… Wow – That was close. Hey, where’s the can opener…

Here’s our favorite video clip from 1963 that kind of describes what’s it’s like here at Woody Boater HQ some days…

[youtube width=”440″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfWvWRqrAig[/youtube]

Happy Holidays!
Matt & Texx


151 replies
  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Marianne is bringing the Better Made potato chips and Vernors ginger ale. I hope one of the Wisconson folks will bring some of that Spotted Cow beer that I discovered at Lake Geneva. We can hardly wait till 10 o’clock!

  2. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Woo Hoo!!!!! It’s a party where you can go boating without a boat, eat without getting full and drunk without having to go to the head all the time. And a hangover without a headache/ Somebody call the virtuial AA.
    Party on Garth.

  3. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    I guess we can party, two reasons Christmas… and we made it past the solstice.. 6:12 EST Another note my dad was always happy when Christmas season was over. He would say Christmas season is over it is now Boating Season…

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    If you make a Bloody Mary with V8 it becomes a nutritious breakfast, right? Work should be fun this morning either way.

    See you guys in a couple hours.

  5. Chad
    Chad says:

    In preparation for a dig day of drinking, the Durrens are eating plenty of bacon (helps coat the stomach lining).

  6. peter woods
    peter woods says:

    i can’t make it today, i have to work. I did bring some virtual Oyster Rockefeller for every one. Enjoy, let them cool off they’re hot. Happy Holidays from Sea Skiff world.

  7. Rick
    Rick says:

    I hope the doors open early, it’s really cold and rainy out here. I can hear people in there setting up. Knock, Knock.

  8. Rick
    Rick says:

    10:02, I guess the doors are open. I’ll be in the kitchen in the back cooking up some seafood fra diavolo. I met this sweet young lady selling shellfish down by the marina so I bought some for the party. I also hired her to scrape the barnacles off the running gear of the virtual 60′ wood commuter I just bought. She looked like she was hungry and needed the work. She said she’d be around later when she was done. She told me if anyone needs her to take care of anyone’s woody also she was open to a business arrangement.

  9. Jim Frechette
    Jim Frechette says:

    Cindy and I off to the party! Thought maybe a designated driver was in order so we enlisted the Chow, Shadrach. He loves shrimp!

  10. Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson says:

    I have my ol buddy Captain Bob coming over and we are going out for breakfast, maybe I can have a Bloody Captain, (Mary) to accompany my food ? Have a wonderful virtual party!!! Scooter

  11. Smitty
    Smitty says:


    The dock elves seem ,,,well, drunk, and are looking for 50 bucks to tie up, where is the spirit?

    UPDATE: we did some body shots with the elves off Mrs Clause, all is good tied up.

  12. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Quick, get me the strongest boat drink you got! I woke up this morning and had to put out a fire at work, last minute ad copy is missing, for a full page Yacht Club ad, and we are ready to go to print. Ever try to get ahold of a Yacht Club mgr on Christmas weekend??? Well I got it solved, and was at this point of my posting you this little post, and BAM the power goes out for a couple of seconds!!
    So, hear I am, re writing this post all over AGAIN, need a boat drink, need a boat drink, quick…
    I better sign off, before the wind kills the power again, and I would have to re post all of this! PARTY ON WOODY BOATERS, Iam ready for another boat drink, please…and it’s only 11:45 am. going to be a long day.

    • oldbaldguy
      oldbaldguy says:

      Have you been hanging out with llamas with hats? Does your stomach have the grumblies that only hands will satisfy?

  13. Captain Coop
    Captain Coop says:

    Happy Holidays WoodyBoaters!

    I just got up from my 2nd nap, donned my ARRRRGH tribute shirt, and pooped my pants. Let’s get this party started!

  14. Captain Coop
    Captain Coop says:

    Sorry for the photo orientation, my dad is on his 3rd martini.

    Grandma used to say… “Martinis are like boobs, one is not enough, and three is too many”

  15. John Scherzinger
    John Scherzinger says:

    Hey, who invited the Commanders? At least the one tied off the port side is a woody! Merry Christmas all, now which way to the bar?!

  16. Woody Diva
    Woody Diva says:

    Sorry we’re a little late….we were partying last night like it was …well you know! So the 22 is LOADED up and on it’s way.

  17. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    I woke this morning to no power,I thought maybe the myans were correct. But the power is back so I picked up Wayne Mocksfield and Matt and we are heading out in the boat for some pork roll ( For those out of the loop, a mystery meat pork product that is produced in NJ and is popular within the tri-state area ) and holiday buns for the party.

  18. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I was dreamin’ when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray
    But when I woke up this mornin’, could’ve sworn it was judgment day
    The sky was all purple, there were people runnin’ everywhere
    Tryin’ to run from the destruction, you know I didn’t even care

    Say say Thirteen zero zero zero zero party over, oops, out of time
    So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s

    I was dreamin’ when I wrote this, so sue me if I go too fast
    But life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last
    War is all around us, my mind says prepare to fight
    So if I gotta die I’m gonna listen to my body tonite

    Yeah hey, they say party over, oops, out of time
    So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s
    Yeah, yeah, hey

  19. Ron Stevenson
    Ron Stevenson says:

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, I am out trying to find some snow. There it is, on Mt Baker in the background!
    Best wishes to all in Woody Boater Land for Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year full of varnish!

  20. steve bunda
    steve bunda says:

    Laurie does not want to clean the shop, but she will make us some cookies in the woood boat shop lunch room. Merry Christmas ! steve and laurie

  21. Jay Wagner
    Jay Wagner says:

    The Spotted Cow Beer is here!!! How’s the venison sausage holding out? Any good virtual farts yet? I had some Wisconsin brick cheese for lunch! YUM,YUM!

  22. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush Captain Grumpy says:

    Family is on its way! Hilary Rush driving “Walters Dream” Both bilge pumps running trying to keep it floating!

  23. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I was hoping ARRRRG would somehow be included/remembered at the party, and you guys came through. Great Job!

  24. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    ok, slow down on the hor duerves consumption, the ocean called and said they’re running out of shrimp.

  25. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush Captain Grumpy says:

    Whats that Lennie? You cant make it by boat? Is it ok if you show up in your work clothes driving your Riviera? Shure

  26. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush Captain Grumpy says:

    Lennie: Glad you could make it! Couldnt bring the Cris Craft, I guess that Riviera boat counts! Live long and prosper woodyboater buds!

  27. Alex
    Alex says:

    (Post-Boating) Seasons Greetings from The Islander Bar in Hessel.

    You can tell from the cars out front, the place is packed!

    My (imaginary) friends and I are slugging ‘em down as fast as the bartendress can mix ‘em. We’re drinking to celebrate (great classic boats), to forget (great classic boat bills), to distract (from going online and buying more classic boats), and to toast the beautiful area in which we’re privileged boat, and the genuine people we’re privileged to know in the classic boating community. Merry Christmas!

    Trying to attach that photo again. Can hardly focus on the keyboard now.

  28. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Just got back for the “real live party” at Ed Fairchilds restro shop in Holland, MI, In the old Chris Craft Complex. Talk about being in Woody Boat hollow grounds. Mr. Chris Smith and Joy where there, along with alot of the Water Wonderland Chapter gang.
    Good food, good drink, and good woodyboater friends, thanks Ed, great job as host.
    Now pass me another STRONG BOAT DRINK…

  29. Chad
    Chad says:

    My chimp, “Fritz” is back from fishing. He’s trying to get a game of cards going. Texas Hold ’em anyone?

  30. Jay Wagner
    Jay Wagner says:

    Don’t give that monkey any venison sausage! Can you imagine that smell around the poker table? It probably would not be as bad as with no monkey!

  31. Arnie
    Arnie says:

    “Really, Matt said the party is just up here and to the right in the next cove”. Merry Christmas from woody boating in Wyoming!!

  32. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    Time to break out the good stuff. Once the cap is off you can smell a hint a varnish with just a whiff of oil, gas & bilge. Goes down smooth.

  33. Jay Wagner
    Jay Wagner says:

    Did you know that the same brewer of Spotted Cow makes a beer called TOTALLY NAKED! Now that should be included on the WB official beer list!

  34. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    A little late, but we’re on our way… Let’s see, gas – check, compass – check, pigs in a blanket – check, Mac -n- Jacks – check, uhhh, where are we heading? Aw heck, got boat, got beer, got friends, got time – What else do we need, anyway??? Merry Christmas!

    • Arnie
      Arnie says:

      Yes it is a ’58 Lyman, 18 ft. Another pic from Wyoming were the infamous Wyoming wind tend to make rather large sand dunes right at the edge of the water – Seminoe Reservoir on the North Platte river, central Wyoming.

  35. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    Look who I met at the dock!Elle MacPherson. I told her if she attends the Woody Boater Holiday party she could be in next years calendar.

  36. Pete
    Pete says:

    Wow I almost missed the party today I am still stuck in another dimension here in Florida. It warmed up to a nice 70 degs with full sun and calm waters so we should be there anytime.

  37. Woody Diva
    Woody Diva says:

    “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”
    ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

  38. Jay Wagner
    Jay Wagner says:

    Dr. Rot is correct, even the “new” blend of Schlitz is not that great. What about some Old Style for the Blackhawk gang? Us Glacier Lake drinkers will stay with the approved Delafield Brewhaus Lager!!! Are there any shrimp puffs left? Sure hope the Madison guys get here soon, dem guys know how ta drink!!

  39. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    When you guys in Wisconson gonna start sharing that Spotted Cow brew with your WoodyBoater buddies in Michigan? It’s good stuff, but too long of a drive to get it.

  40. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    It was tough getting here had to melt a path through the ice but we are here. I see the wife got ahead of me and wondered off as she is in one of the photos above. Time for a beer.

  41. Rick
    Rick says:

    Now what am I not supposed to mix? Tequila and Jack? Epifanes and varnish? Gas and something? Hell I’ll figure it out tomorrow, give me another margarita with a Jack chaser. Who’s the designated driver again? Boats are supposed to have some water in the bilge right? But is the 5 gal bucket supposed to be floating level with the seat? Maybe I’ll just lay down under this table for a while.

  42. Arnie
    Arnie says:

    No partying for this working dog. Now get that fender over here Luke, then maybe a virtual hot dog or maybe even a woody wiener.

  43. tommyholmes
    tommyholmes says:

    Well you know it had to happen, me and the young fellow took the CC out for a ride and lo and behold the Chris Craft did it’s thing……….

  44. Wicked Wahine
    Wicked Wahine says:

    ………and as I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night!

  45. Cobourg Kid
    Cobourg Kid says:

    Yo anyone here? ey wake up ! .Guess they all passed out in the woody bilge . Dang monkey musta spiked the drinks !

  46. Texx
    Texx says:

    Ha – Some of us are still here mopping up after a busy but fun day… Rick’s asleep under the table.

    Chad and Fritz have left the building… Darn Chimp cleaned everyone out at the poker game, finished off the shrimp puffs and took off when we ran out of Schlitz…

  47. Matt
    Matt says:

    Ugh.. I just woke up in the bathtub! Where am I? My mouth tastes like dry varnish, and my skin is all stained. What the hell? When I asked for my coat I guess someone miss understood?

  48. Jay Wagner
    Jay Wagner says:

    Please refrigerate the leftover sausage and cheese. Unless the monkeys ate it all. I know all the beer is gone if the Madison guys showed up. What a nice diversion from my recuperation from my stem cell transplant. WOODY BOATER LIVE ON!!!

  49. Dave Bortner
    Dave Bortner says:

    Engine Elf Ed, Dave, and the rest of us at Freedom Boat Service have been ready for a party since this last water test on 11/21 on Lake Minnetonka! We’ll be there with our party hats on!

  50. Bob Killeen
    Bob Killeen says:

    Hi Tex,

    I hope its not to late for the party, save a few cold brews.Will get there slow & steady from Dana Point Ca.
    Merry Christmas to All !!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Arnie from Wyoming
    Arnie from Wyoming says:

    No cruising life for this party animal. Now get that fender over here Luke, then a virtual hot dog and a nap – oh ya-no shaking in the boat!!

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