Woody Boater Hits 8000

Thanks to you, as of today we have doubled visitors again. Over 8000 page views, we are now linked to several sites and are tracking towards 2500 visitors a month. With folks all over the world. We are in all 50 states except for South Dakota, New Mexico and Wyoming. Now refereed to as the Water Free States… If you know any one in those states have them go to the site. This is all organic growth. The official marketing push starts this spring.

New Features. Along with now updating daily, we will be introducing a boat of the month. Destination of the month, Rant of the month, Tip of the month Web site and Woody Boater of the month.

Domain name. You can now just use www.WoodyBoater.com as the domain. no more blogspot stuff. It still works, but is hard to remember.

Once again, thanks for being a part of a great community and this little tiny effort to expand the world of Antique & Classic boating.

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