Woody Boater Turns Three!

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What a year! Today marks our 3rd birthday. To think this started as a blog showing snap shots once a week of the restoration of a boat…. It grew to a whopping 100 readers a month.. But then something strange started happening.. 200 readers, then 300, 1,000, and now this year we are averaging 40,000 each month.. Dear god! Don’t we all have something better to do? Don’t answer that.. What gets even more insane is that it’s still growing.. At a clip of 15%-20% a month.. This year alone we had more readers than all the other years combined.. 400,000… Even Wyoming is stepping up with a whopping 45 reads last year.. I didn’t know there were 45 people in Wyoming…and we have looked! We here at Woody Boater are humbled.. humbled beyond misspelled words… Texx, Chad, Pat, John & Kim, Phillip, Bruce, Paul & Karen, the other Paul, Hank, Al, Jim, Krunch, Phil, Matt, Bill, Don, the other Don, John who still does not know how to comment but yet does…. Howard, Lou, Dennis, Chris, spammers like faja34 and of course… Anonymous.. This is not a sole gig anymore, it’s no longer a blog. Somewhere along the line we became more.. we became a..a…  I have no idea what we became. I am still trying to figure it out…But whatever it is, it’s because of you.. Sounds sappy and like some sort of cheesy cliche.. But just look around.. Over 1,200 stories, one or two a day now.. That’s not because of me and my worn out key board.. When Texx writes a story.. traffic can sometimes double… DOUBLE.. what many of you don’t know is that some of those stories Texx does can take days to write, and are usually done at midnight.. and yet only stay on the top part of the site for a day…Everyone that contributes has a real job.. real good jobs.. so the time spent contributing is even that much more appreciated.. No one is making a cent, and the money made from the ad sales from our supporters, all goes towards gas, hotels, and stuff that we pass on at cost.. Thanks so much to Chris and Carla from Hagerty, Lou and Dennis from Antique Boat Center. Dale from Kocian Instruments, Molly and Don Hardy from McCall Boat Works, Bill Basler from the Chris-Craft Antique boat Club, Dan Nelson Mr Best in Show… David Van Ness, Scott and Sam from Mecum Auctions. These folks are much more than just sponsors.. We don’t just take anyone. There is limited space there on the right hand side of the page.. These folks are some of the top folks in the passion and support it beyond just money and quality work.. They devote time and information.. They deserve your business and support. I am very proud of there support… Very proud..

Here we are in Wyoming this year searching for readers.. We logged over 30,000 miles this year alone chasing stories…and readers..

So.. Where now? What’s next? I have no idea.. I don’t even know what I am going to write each day until I sit in front of the keyboard/iPhone.. Folks send stuff now, and news happens.. The Warner Auction for me is like a mega church pastor sex scandal.. I love it, and readership has jumped.. It feels like CNN here sometimes.. I do know this much.. We will be reporting from the Warner Auction in a couple weeks. And right after that.. Get this.. A week long mini series on the Golden Pond Boats,  The Shoot Boat which has been located still in the same family for over 28 years in the North East…, the stand-by boat, The two wreck scene boats, the canoes, the mail boat.. details of the original boats that have NEVER been documented…and more.. Stories about the boats in Striking Distance..Water World..  All of them. Pat Curtin is speaking for the first time in 28 years on the subject, going on record and you don’t want to miss this.. It’s Hollywood drama times ten..So stay tuned! It’s gonna be an action backed month… Thanks for reading.. thanks for contributing, and most of all, remember… it’s only 6 months til LAKE DORA.. Woohoooough 6 months.. dear god, that was supposed to sound like it was close.. I am not going to make it..

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Whoa, Get a grip. So sappy. You can feel the
    woodyboater love. It's only boat porn. My Wife asks are you looking at that "stuff" again. My problem is that I keep looking. Multiple times a day to see if something has popped up or to go back and open up the photos to really check them out. In the eariler years that meant I really pumped up the numbers. Now I am just a small blip in the numbers. That's good because I am Anonymus. The only way I can share in the collective hobby is this site. I need to work or work on the boats or be in the boats. No time for meetings and shows. So Thanks to all those who do their thing and are willing to do the work to share it with those of us who don't.

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Ahhh, my two chums, Anonymous… I knew i could count on you to be first.. Actually Anonymous, regarding Wyoming.. I was shocked.. my trip paid off.. It looks like about 30 readers last year from different parts… Wait.. Wait one darn second.. I was there.. posting.. and checking comments.. God damit.. That could have been me! Maybe I created a phantom reader.. Wait. let me check………………………………………………………….. No OK OK, I was some of them.. Looks like about 20 readers around the state.. and me..

  3. Mike M
    Mike M says:

    Nice work Matt. And I don't just mean padding your own numbers in Wyoming, I mean creating this "thing". Sometimes I wonder if you're working undercover for our wives in some sort of "woody sting". I wonder if this Mecum thing is like some sort of trap….you're going to get all of us together and then, from the ceiling, a big net will drop and they'll haul us all away and it will be your fault.

    Then I think I should wear a respirator while I"m varnishing and preserve what's left of my mind…thanks and happy birthday!

  4. Greg
    Greg says:

    Congrats on four years of great work. I have only been on board for almost a year, but I have gone back many times to look at what I missed. Keep the faith, and never stop wanting to smell the aroma of wet varnish in the morning!

  5. Chad
    Chad says:

    Is is just me, or does your head look disproportionately smaller than your body?

    I think it's the hat. That thing makes any head look like a peanut.

    Happy 4th anniversary & keep on bloggin…

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary Woody Boater!

    To celebrate, how about we give Matt the weekend off and do a report on the "Vintage Hydro Palooza" at Lake Chelan this weekend?

  7. Jason
    Jason says:

    This is actually the first time I've ever commented, but I've been a faithful reader for the past year, and I FULLY enjoy reading your blog. Your blog is what I look forward to faithfully checking every morning around 8:30 or so. It's my morning break from the chaos of work. I sometimes feel like I'm a young fish in a sea of old guys, since I'm only 31 years old, so I really appreciate the free blog, in lieu of costly printed publications. It's imperative that the communication of this hobby go electronic if it's going to survive for future generations! By the way, I have a restored 1954 Wagemaker Wolverine, I picked up three years ago, and use it often. Again, CONGRATS on doing a great job with the blog!

  8. John K
    John K says:

    For your 4th birthday event, I have taken the opportunity to try posting a comment once again. I have been at a big disadvantage since my kids flew the coop, now I'm down to Kim. Thanks for 4 years of fun!

  9. Chris Schmaltz & Carla Gernhofer
    Chris Schmaltz & Carla Gernhofer says:

    Hey Matt,

    Congrats on the 4 years and it just keeps getting better. It is manditory that our Marine Staff reads WB first thing every morning, of course this sometimes makes them a bit unsettled for a few hours. It was a pleasure..? perhaps there is another word.. to see you at Bay Harbor. Your site is a welcome and needed comentary on the current happenings in the hobby. Keep it up!!

  10. Rick
    Rick says:

    I agree, lets see the 1st one. I also need to post more so I can get mentioned at the 5 year anniversary.

  11. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Great,happy B day, now when am I going to get a resupply on my original WoodyBoater baby sh-t yellow T shirts. :(:( And you know who I am!!!!

  12. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Congrats on 4 years!!!!

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming stories regarding the On Golden Pond boats. I must, however, disagree with your comment that Mr. Curtin is speaking for the 1st time in 28 years about it. While I do acknowledge that Mr. Curtin did speak about the boats in 1982 (spring issue of Brass Bell – May issue of New Hampshire Business Review – July issue of Laconia Evening Citizen), he has publicly spoke several times since then. In the spring 1983 issue he spoke by listing for sale the On Golden Pond boat used in the film and his business phone as the number. He also spoke by his add in the Wall Street Journal that stated the same. In December of 1983 he spoke again by his participation in a December 1983 Brass Bell article showing who bought the two U22’s from the movie. I have been told that he spoke when he tried to buy the main U22 (not the crash one) from Lou at the Antique Boat Center, after it was already sold to a Minnesota man. He also spoke when he tried to get you to help sell some other movie items to the e-bay buyer. It is clear to me that he has spoke many times in the past 28 years so I look forward to seeing how what he now says, matches his earlier published comments and actions.

  13. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Well, a little late but, none the less, a very sincere congratulations to WoodyBoater for 4 wonderful years of continuous good stuff every morning.

    When I was doing the "Destinations" thing a couple of years ago it was all I could do to get one post out in a week. You do that, and sometimes more every day. Wow!!!

    You have become the "Go To" place for the latest news in this wonderful passion. Thank you for what you do.


  14. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Congrats Matt;
    Keep up the great work. You have done so much for the sport. It is so nice to see everyone has a daily site to read so that they can get there fix.
    Don P

  15. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    4 years!!! Wow!!! I appreciate you being here.

    The On Golden Pond boat saga will, once again, be continued by woodyboater. As a previous comment here suggested, I recently had a conversation with the guy who bought the boat from Lou at Antique Boat Center. He confirmed to me that Mr. Curtin tried to buy the main boat U22-1802 from him as well. I can't imagine Mr. Curtin trying to buy something that was not the main movie boat. Now a so-called "shoot boat" is being introduced by woody boater. This should be interesting and I too am looking forward to the upcoming series. By the way, the main boat sold to Jim Hendricks, by Pat Curtin, was documented as U22-1802 as I saw the title when I was bidding on the e-bay boat so I find the use of the word "NEVER" been documented, as somewhat questionable, unless you are talking about something other than the two U22's that recieved film time in the movie. I will reserve my judgment until the story is done.

    Thanks for your efforts and Congratulations…..

  16. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    The Golden pond boats Story has been a 2 year effort.. I don't want to get into the details right now.. And only tease you.. It will be a real eye opener.. We have followed every lead, every story and followed through.. The daisy chain of conversations regarding these boats has been like untieing a spool of knoted thread.. But we have it.. As I said.. Hollywood drama..

  17. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Woody…. There are many of us looking forward to seeing the documentation you have been so correctly promoting over the last two years, regarding the On Golden Pond boats.

    By the way, I have heard Mr. Curtin called many things. A "spool of knotted thread" is a new one but could end up being rather appropriate.

  18. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Ha, I know this may surprise you, but we could not have un tied the knots without Pat.. Pat has been open, easy and fun to talk to and saved the day on this story. remember its been 30 years of twists and turns.. There are about 40 golden pond boats out there.. I am still scratching my head as to why more folks have not called Pat about there boats.. Not many of you know this, but Pat was a judge at many shows, including Clayton.. He ran Donzi.. The Golden Pond boats are a small part of what is an amazing life.. He has been the fun part of this web of thread.. Stay tuned!

  19. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Ha is right. Now there are "40 Golden Pond Boats out there"??? I wasn't sure if you were promoting for the new MN owner or Mr. Curtin but now I know. Once again, I look forward to seeing the documentation that I am sure you will both produce.

  20. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    As the MN owner told me at the Maynard's boat show, why would he contact Mr. Curtin? He has not had the boat since he sold it to Mr. Hendricks. Are you or Mr. Curtin suggesting there was something unethical or innappropriate that happened to hull number U22-1802 since that sale was publized. After all, that hull number has a pretty simple chain of ownership since then.

  21. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I can't imagine any truly valid investigation will not include communicating with the people who have owned U22-1802 since Mr. Curtin sold it. Since Mr. Curtin hasn't owned it since 1983, others would have a better handle on what has been done to it.

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