WoodyBoaterville Armageddon!

Her head, her head!

Armageddon me a bigger generator! I am so loving the click bait headlines.. Anyway, our area hit the news for sure. Several tornados touched down way way way to close to home. Like right down the street, and our neighbors saw funnel clouds over our houses. I had prepped for two days. Roof, basement and a generator , with 15 gallons of fuel ready. We also have a generator for the pump house next door so 14 homes have running water.

I call this Lake Nextdora!

When your neighbors thank yo for being able to poop. Well, let’s just say its a special relationship we all have. HA.

The neighbors Trump flags did not fare well in the storm. No politics. That flag lasted 1 minute. But the American Flag held on! A metaphor for our world right now!

Yesterday we lost power around 6AM and then it came on.. And then all hell broke loose. The tail end of the storm just came in and ripped apart the world. Power out, flooding ish, and general crap. The one good thing is that is was one fast storm. But the effects of the power damage was huge. A bad tornado hit Kilmarnock and tore apart a winery and trashed parts of the town and power poles, so as the power co said. A multi day restoration.

White caps in our hurricane hole?

Yesterday around 7PM the power came on, and this morning around 3 AM internet. Our phone, TV and cell are all internet driven, so I had a chance to stay out of the social loop of hell for a day of peace and quiet..ish. Filled up a 12 ft trailer with yard debris and had burgers on the grill.

Mulch leakage and our Blue hearing head got whacked! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Water did get over the dock!

Sweet Pea has been there done that here for decades.

I hope all of our pals south and north of us did well. It was one fast storm. Thanks for all your kind wishes, and calls. YIKES, a lot of you called. Thats how I woke up at 3Am, with a bunch of missed calls.


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Nothing but a little rain in Michigan. We wish all of our East Coast WoodyBoater friends the best and hope the worst is over!

  2. Steve in the woods
    Steve in the woods says:

    Little rain with Hannah, but no electricity for 28 days with ( Lovely) Rita! Too many downed trees.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Power out until tomorrow. Big branch just missed Panther. Generator purring. Real mess to clean up today. Lots of future firewood. Hope everyone is safe.

  4. RivaDella
    RivaDella says:

    Hottest day of the year! 81º on the barn deck. Where you ask? Why, the Pacific northwest, where “it’s always cold & raining”…..:)

  5. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Glad you and Susie and the boats are safe. The rest is just the inconvenience of living in the beautiful place you do.

  6. Charity
    Charity says:

    “Lake Nextdora”
    Is my favorite chuckle
    Glad you guys and boats ok.
    And everyone on the pump generator can flush!

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