Woodys For Boobies Completes Walk In High Style!

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Suzy, Hollie and Angie At The Start of the 2012 Woodys For Boobies Avon Breast Cancer Walk in Denver

This past weekend while I was playing in Algonac, the Woody Boatress was doing her thing in the Denver area. Suzy, Angie, and Hollie all had an amazing time doing a good thing for good people surrounded by good people!

Things got rough late on the first day with some altitude sickness. I suppose Woody Boaters are used to being at sea level! The good news is that Woodys For Boobies raised over  $9,000 this year and close to $20,000 last year bringing the total raised in the name of Woody Boaters is close to $30,000 in just two years. Amazing stuff for sure. Next year we are going to focus all our fund raising efforts to the Cruise For The Cure on Torch lake. This years Cruise For The Cure is just around the corner. A Very worthy cause put on by some fantastic folks.. You can click here to find out more about this years event……

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Congratulations to Suzy and her team. What you did was truely amazing, and I know you will always have the WoodyBoater community behind you. Now you can get back to enjoying some boating!

  2. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    Nice job ladies! I saw the movie Bruzynski this past Saturday evening. I would urge any of you that haven’t seen it to do so.

  3. John Kadimik
    John Kadimik says:

    Congratulations to Suzy,Hollie,& Angie on a job well done! Hope your piggies held out this year.

  4. 51Resorter
    51Resorter says:

    Why aren’t these three ladies the Woody Boater Babes of the month?
    Great job Suzy, Angie and Hollie! My wife has done the 60 mile, Avon 3-day in So Cal several times and I know the emotional investment to get thru each day of the walk. Thank you for being involved in a charitable event, more of the world needs to participate.

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