Wooohooo! We Are Now Part Of The Snow Belt.

Driving home at noon
Outside my front door

Fellow Woody Boater Mike from Springfield drove through the snow to bring me a shovel. Dang… That’s gonna cost me.

I have always felt left out of the true Woody Boaters because I did not get to enjoy the bitter cold and snow that most of the old Classic boaters endure. I mean these boats were made in places like Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, and other cold places during these month. It’s all part of the romance of the boats. 4 good months of boating and then a winter of dreaming. I got an email yesterday during the blizzard here.. Actually I got several emails.. They all made me smile and.. well.. Not alone in the world. The images were the best… This one from Jim Staib from Fine wood boats... Who apparently is sticking a Chris Craft flag on anything that moves… And Fellow Woody Boater Steve Stevenson with images of winter up north in Wisconsin.. Steve and his classic snow mobileIt’s warm in there for sure.. I am so thankful for all the kidding and kind words, from all of you.. Even the Angry Angler had a nice thing to say… HA….I suppose it’s warmer in the snow than any other time…..Wait a minute… This snow sucked… On to Dora.. Woohooo only 42 days…. Only 42 days…
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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Seems like that should be a mahogany plow with a nice chrome strip across the bottom. That way the boat gets restored every winter and the plow every summer. Cuts out all that wasteful free time, keeps you indoors out of the sun and so lessens your chance at skin cancer. Or you could just wear a nice captains hat I guess.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Did you get the scoop on the shed roof collapses in Georgetown Md Yacht Basin….seriously damaging some Trumphys and other yachts from all the snow accumulations???

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