Ya Don’t Need To Have A Hurricane To Have A Disaster With Your Classic Boat!


Not photo shopped..

I love weeks like this.. Themes start emerging.. This week, looks like another theme of disaster week, all starting with the earth quake. What also sparked today’s story was a question on the Boat Buzz about needing insurance in the off season.. YES!  by the way, just to be clear.. Now this may all seem like a commercial for Hagerty Marine Insurance.. In beautiful Michigan, with beautiful Carla and… well… just Chris… just Chris… oh boy, this is awkward….Chris is nice.. there… Anyway it may seem like one.. It’s not.. By the way you can click here and get a quote.. Tell them Woody Boater sent you and get a surprise. All kidding aside.. Ship happens.. not just during natural disasters.. In fact close to 50% of all the stuff that happens , happens when boats are not even in the water.. For example.. Here are two images of what a raccoon can do to a very nice Century. This was no “left out in the field” deal, the boat was covered and a very well cared for nice boat..


Ones mans interior is another's, lunch.. play toy... home..

Now you are wondering, what about that shot at the top.. What the hell happened there? These images came from Hagerty, turns out the PWC started at the dock and just took off.. And yes, the cord on the kill switch had been cut off..  So.. It just went on a ride by itself.. Not sure if that’s better than under the control of a 12 year old girl.. Regardless it found a way to stop..

I do like the way the red works with the green though.. It also brings out the varnished wood.. Very nice.. Note the bleached wood strip and how it highlites ALL THE WARNING STICKERS ON THE PWC!

Send us your disaster images.. We will make fun of you, and then fellow Woody Boaters will all jump in and help make it better.. I have found over the years, that boat mishaps are part of the fun.. OK, not at the specific time of the disaster, and not if anyone is hurt, that’s not fun for sure.. but a broken shaft.. Thats a belly whacker.. Boat sinking, but you have a 5 gallon bucket.. Kinda funny.. a year later… Pop a deck plank and it tears your gals bikini.. Thats a soda through the nose HA!  Was the old ball and chain on the engine hatch when it blew off sending her into the air.. And she is OK… PURE GOLD! it’s a fine line.. But it’s healthy to share.. One, it warns us all not to be as dumb as you, and since we are dumb as you, if not dumber… then we don’t feel so bad about our dumbness. Unless of course you own a Jett Ski  and let your 12 year old daughter go out on it a 60mph.. Then you are an idiot.. And that’s not funny..


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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Could just leave it there. Seal it with some caulking and use it as a side thruster. Makes docking on the starboard side much easier.

  2. Jim Godlewske
    Jim Godlewske says:

    Jet Ski’s, what a pain in the ass. Why couldn’t they have aimed it for the rocks and watch it self destruct. That would have been funny.
    I got a good laugh from the soda through the nose comment… Glad I wasn’t drinking one at the time.

  3. Chris / Hagerty
    Chris / Hagerty says:

    Yes, like the thruster idea….There is a sailboat I saw just the other day in one of the marine industry publications. It was designed to look like it is half sunk, bow down, but is fully functional, they do get lots of uninvited guest trying to render assistance though….Franks picture gives me another idea. Take the the stern half on one boat and the bow of another and put them together….then think of the names…Gar-Craft….Chracker…..Higva……

  4. Rory Hamilton
    Rory Hamilton says:

    make the careless jet ski captain drag the busted jetski around behind his car like a “scarlet letter”

  5. chad
    chad says:

    This is kinda funny…

    I looked at that photo all morning, and just NOW noticed the guy clinging to the swim platform. Must be the driver of the PWC.

    All I could think was, “poor guy, I bet he just finished the restoration on his Shepherd”.

  6. brian
    brian says:

    What gets me is that the moron jetski owner actually swam over to be near the boat owner. I really am surprised that we aren’t seeing a pic of the owner beating the vested man senseless with an oar.

  7. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    What the H**LL is there a bounty on all of us canadian boat owners. I smell jealous CC owners rearing there ugly heads. It’s a conspiracy I tell you, a conspiracy !!!!
    I’ll keep my GUN & my BUCKET handy no telling what they might do next!!!

  8. brian
    brian says:

    One more thing…

    Don’t show these pictures to Michele Bachmann as she will claim that God steered that PWC right into the side of that beautiful boat because two raccoons got hitched up in Idaho.

    (What are the odds of that PWC running into the side of that boat given the vast size of the body of water???)

  9. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    If it is a Canadian boat, the odds are quite high. Those things have a magnetic attraction to the bottom of any lake.

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