You Are Invited To The 2020 Annual Virtual Holiday Party. Tomorrow! Not Today, Tomorrow. As in Tomorrow! Thursday. Wait? What Is Today? Yah, Tomorrow!

Lily will be bartending. You may need to bring your own booze.

We all laughed 13 years ago at the idea of a virtual holiday party, and yet here we are. A Cliche. BUT WE DID IT FIRST. Anyway, pettiness of authorship aside, this years party is gonna be one to remember. And best yet, you don’t have to wear a mask to this party, no social distancing, and guaranteed to not give you COVID19. Nope, No chance in hell. You can fraternize in the copy room with the one woman that has the courage to show up.

Big Wiener award, and catered meal

This years menu is going to be the traditional frozen wieners, chicken on a stick and a new addition. Varnish Wine. We have been aging it for 13 years in Mahogany barrels. I will add, it goes down so smoothly. It’s to die for! The only issue, and well, it’s a small detail, you have to take a sip of paint thinner to cleanse your pallet. But it’s okay. The bleach you injected into yourself to cure Covid kinda overrides the paint thinners effect. You won’t feel a thing. So, ALL GOOD!


And to balance out the I’m offended issue, for all our socialist commie readers, the party is free. See! I can offend everyone. And so thats the theme of the Holiday party. Lets all just celebrate what makes us different, and yet united in our joy to the Holiday Season. Oh. I understand our friends from the great North West have scrumptious Murder Hornet Fritters they are bringing.. mmmmmmmm On a stick and I am in!

Oh Dean! He never stops.

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  1. Jaxon
    Jaxon says:

    O great 😊spent yesterday at the spa, today at the club celebrating my birthday 🧁and another party tomorrow. Better have some vitamins. 🎂

      • Jaxon
        Jaxon says:

        I’m sitting on he best part! The lady at the spa spent a little too much time back there so I bit her. She gonna have an issue with that hand for a while. Cost Dad a big tip.

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    A party ? Toemorrow ?

    What am I going to ware ?

    So much to dew, so little time.

    Is there a theem this year ?

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Matt: as usual your timming is spot on!

    It looks like I will have lots of time tomorrow to hang by the wood stove at a virtual party.

    WB parties are some of the best of the year!!!!!!!!

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Perfect as they are calling for a snowstorm here in the northeast. Going to drink and party ALL day. See everyone tomorrow
    .I’d better go now to get bread and milk for the family and tequila for me.

  5. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    Oh Great, now I am going to have to find my ID card cause I am sure Lily will be carding all of us tomorrow. Honestly, I am 21.

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    LETS PARTY!!! WB always throws the best virtual parties. Im sure all of our favorites will be there. As I have done in the past, I will be bringing mahogany chicken on oak sticks. and cedar planked salmon. I hope to see some bacon there.

  7. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Dang Mark, I’m drooling! I’ll be there and I’ll bring lots of toilet paper, it will be needed to clean up all the BS

  8. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Well, that’s great. I’ll be in the NC mountains all day removing a dock while the lake has been let down and no cell coverage. Not that the Iphone app works anyway. Maybe I can catch the last hour or two.

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