Your Local Marina Is The Real Key To The Future Of Classic Boating.

Halls Marina on Lake George is a major asset to the culture

We all talk about saving boats, and going to local barns and digging trough the goodies. We also go on and on about young kids and keeping them interested in wood boats. But do we ever talk about the importance of your local Marina? No. In fact sometimes we get sent email bitch sessions about the very people that make this passion able to be a passion. ugh!

Sanford marine In Colonial Beach sign

And trust us here, no one is making big money to make it worth it. Many of the local marinas are in it for the same reason you are. Because they love it. And guess what, your boat is a box of wood and metal without the support of folks in the culture that keep you going.

Sierra Boat Co is a key part of classic boating on Lake Tahoe

Years ago, many small lakes and river areas had very robust clubs. But as time marched on, marinas went out of business, and classic boats became harder and harder to maintain. So, slowly but surely, the classic boat passion would die out on that lake or river. 20 years ago,

Babe Ruth lived on Greenwood lake, this was the hot place to live.

For example Greenwood Lake in NY just 45 minutes from Lake Hopatcong, had a very strong community of classic boaters, now Lake Hopatcong is the larger group. One reason is the on going support system that Wayne Mocksfield started,

Waynes Marine – Lake Hopatcong

and now is Katz’s Marina. Same can be said for areas like lake Tahoe and Sierra Boat Co, or Halls Boats on Lake George. These places complete the passion..

So the point here is, if you are thinking of buying a small local marina in your favorite area. Do it, and make it for classic boats. Have a small local marina in your area that you like. Go to the owner and tell him he has work from many of you if he..or she.. hires some folks that get classic boats. In other words, You need the marinas, and they need you. Know that when you support them, even for some stuff you can do, you are supporting and help preserve more than just your boat, you may just be preserving an entire community!

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  1. Jay Arnold
    Jay Arnold says:

    I always enjoy your content. Today’s message is an especially important one. I’d like to give a shout out to the good folks at the lake Raburn marina in Lake Raven Georgia.

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Tho old Hunter boat co. (1885) here in McHenry and Mineola marine in Fox lake have both been for sale for years. Tons of history at both places.

  3. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    That’s so true. Without our local marinas, suppliers, etc, were all sunk. Thanks to all the boating service providers out there!

  4. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    It’s Greenwood Lake not Green Lake Matt. You should know, I believe you won a trophy at that show years ago!

  5. tim
    tim says:

    Matt you forgot about Canada, in the hear of muskoka is port sandfield marina that serves both Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau; now how is this for the inside of a marina shop

  6. Sean
    Sean says:

    This is an important segment to our hobby. And it is imperative that we keep it “top of mind”. So much so, that the 2018 Gravenhurst Vintage Boat show has adopted the theme of ” A salute to the Heritage Boat Shops”… of course, being inclusive of those not on a lake that do the exact same thing. See, We put the theme right there on the official show T-shirts…. shameless plug.

  7. Matt
    Matt says:

    Here is the shot right side up. And yes a perfect show idea is to feature the local marinas that support us. Remind people that its more than owning the boat. But a team. That is the number one concern from people looking to get into the community. how will I maintain this? ITS THAT CRITICAL!

  8. Michael & Linda Stevens
    Michael & Linda Stevens says:

    Sadly, most of the local Marinas in our Columbia Willamette area refuse to accept wood boats for monthly storage. Both river systems are federally protected waterways for endangered species (salmon) and are getting very restrictive on structures, docks, boat houses (now illegal) and other topics. The lawyers and bureaucrats are winning.

  9. Bill
    Bill says:

    Muskoka is a great example of not only the small boat shop culture but something i would say is just as important. The boathouses to keep them in. We need boathouses in the states, i think that is the biggest thing holding things back.

  10. Dean
    Dean says:

    Great topic! Flathead lake in NW Montana that has 197 square miles of surface area and 160 miles of shoreline (according to wikipedia) doesn’t have a single marina on the lake that I can think of that sells or services boats of any kind. There are only a handful of places where you can even buy gas on the lake (5 I think). Shoreline values and property taxes are so high that the “Marinas” have moved inland. I can only imagine that permits and liability insurance to have a gas pump on the water must be pretty high.

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