Welcome to Woody Boater, a special place to celebrate boats that give back to your soul.

Woody Boater is a state of mind, a place to enjoy woody boating when you are not out on your boat, or if you just want to enjoy the world that surrounds these fun classic water craft. Being a part of Woody Boater is a way for folks to keep up with the community and all that is going on. Finding and saving lost boats, lost stories on lost waterways is our passion. The art, boat shows, destinations, people,  and your conversation are the fuel that drives us. There are on any given day about 10 of us roaming around our parts of the world looking for your stories and boats.  In fact just by reading this, you are now officially deputized and are now a Woody Boater.  Please send us your lost story,… Don’t worry about spelling by the way. There is even an official Woody Boater Dictionary you can read it below this story.

If you want a more intimate conversation:

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First, you can contact us best by email. 24/7



We also go to most Antique & Classic Boat Shows. We are the ones in the sexy skipper hats.

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Woody Boater HQ

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We also have satellite offices and reporters through out North America and the world. We are a 24/7 – 365 around the globe organization.

Hessel Michigan – Reporter/Photographer

Kentucky – Reporter, Kentucky Wonder

Lake George -Reporter/Photographer

San Fransisco – Technology/Production

Lake Hopatcong New Jersey – Reporter/ Photographer

Chicago – Reporter/ Photographer

Oklahoma – Photography & Video

Lake Tahoe California – Reporter/ Spy Cam

Around the world

Woody Boater Canada – Calgary Canada – Reporter

Southern Ontario – Reporter/Photographer, Cobourg Kid

Woody Boater Berlin BureauBerlin Germany / Europe

Woody Down Under Boater -New Zealand – Reporter


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Your company MUST be in good standing in the community. If you see a sponsor here, they are a good company to do business with. We passionately support our sponsors and ask that our readers do the same.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email me for costs. Matt@WoodyBoater.com Below are our latest stats as of March 2014 according to our Server and Google. The server reads ALL traffic and Google weeds out stuff.. The rule of thumb is to reduce the server and increase Google.. You can do the math, it makes my head hurt..

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There are ways to write this like a fancy pants lawyer I am sure.. But I ain’t one.. So… Here it is in our own un fancy pants way…

We HATE SPAM emails.. I don’t like them when I get them and I hate the idea of being a part of that crap world. So if you send me an email.. IT stays with me. If you have to use your email address to sign in to yell at someone.. The email and your identity stays here. You want to post anonymously.. Have at it. I encourage it, it helps the hobby be more balanced.. Woody Boater is the only place in the hobby where you can speak your mind about any issue related to classic boats.  So.. we will not use any information that we get for any purpose. Period. If I could disable that I would.

What we will reject your comment over. Personal attacks. If it smacks of being personal , or offensive.. If the images you are uploaded could been seen as offensive, or copyright protected.

About Copyright! ®

Woody Boater ® is a Registered Trademark. And belongs to Woody Boater LLC. yes, stop laughing.. It is. As are all products we create and images we shoot. If you see it here, it’s been shot by us, or others that have granted permission to us exclusively. Downloading an image or use of our name for commercial use other than your personal use is strictly forbidden. Unless we have agreed to that. Sorry to be so harsh, but our images are now being used for other things than what we intended them for like Porn sites and blueprints of boats on eBay and other places. That is forbidden. Period.


How you can help keep Woody Boater subscription free. It’s simple. part of our funding comes from our sponsors, and also from you. Each reader that gets something from Woody Boater. All you have to do is click this button and donate. the money goes for trips and keeping the lights on. Thanks for your generous support.

Donate or sell your boat to Woody Boater.We of course want to buy every boat we see. we are suckers for a great story, and would go bankrupt doing so. But from time to time we have been known to invest the kids collage fund to buy and sell a boat.. After enjoying it of course. The profits, or looses help fuel this horrible addiction. If you have a wonderful boat you want to go to a good cause. Please consider us an an option. We will save it, love it and find a worthy home for it. Email us at Matt@Woodyboater.com

Dictionary For yous that think we do bad spelling..

We get complaints daily regarding spelling and the destruction of the English language.. We don’t disagree, but we don’t speak, English here.. It’s our own language.. So, Woody Boater felt it necessary to publish a new dictionary of Woody Boaterese. The official language of WoodyBoaterville. A small community located on a bluff over looking Lake Cyberspace.  You thought it was all typos didn’t you.. OH no.. We are proud of our heritage and 6th grade c average in English. So here is a short run down of the top 20 terms you will see on Woody Boater on a regular basis.

1. There, and thier mean the same thing. also their..

2. i before e is for 7th graders. they get mixed up all the time here. Dont take it personaly.

3. Ok means OK. To and Too.. and of and off all mean the same thing. Ok!

4. the generous use of …… is because I am thinking….. see…. adds to it..

5. Big words get googled, so it’s what ever google says the word is.

6. off, of also are the same word and mean the same thing

7. The Woody Boatress is the queen of the realm.

8. The Woody Boater Boulder Bureau is our Boulder CO. location where..were.. the heir to the throne lives and drains the coffers on Women and beer.

9. Where, wear, were, all mean the same thing . You have to put it in context.

10. Varnish is better than crack or meth in Woodyboaterville.

11. Crocs are better than deck shoes and are very sexy on old babes. But you will die wearing, whereing them.

12. Ink-clot babes are a term referencing old BW shots of 90 year old babes from catalogs.

13. Lickable babes refers to decals of babes from the 50′s

14. Your , youre and you’re all mean the same thing

15. Woohoo, is a term i have used for years. Made more popular by Homer Simpson. But not just his.. It can be read as excitement or sarcastically.

16. Proof reading is for english teachers. If I wrote it, thats good enough for me. that’s?

17 the use of punctuation is purely arbitrary.. and I had to look up arbitrary..

18. When I say I want to go out in the barn and make sweet love to my boat.. I actually mean it.. You would.. wood… be amazed what you can do with that grease that you are supposed to put on your water pump.

19. Middle aged women are smok’n hot in Woody Boaterville. Middle aged men are still 20 and have 30 inch waist lines, and our farts don’t smell

20. Every boat I see, I want. It’s that simple. If I could have a barn full of boats i would… Wait, I do.. Like that show, Boat Horders.. No I need that old pile of worm infested hull boards.. Someday they might be usefull.. …


Thanks for looking this over. Matt, Texx, and the Woody Boater crew.

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  1. Brandon H

    Hi we are a new tour booking website called postcard designed for tour operators coming soon. We are in the process of setting up our social media we would love it if we could follow each other on twitter and facebook so we could get and provide updates on our launch our twitter @postcard_travel

    Thank you

  2. Bob Widmer

    Matt, there is something wrong either with your site, post or Bing, msn, or chrome as we cannot get to your daily posts.


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