Cool Stuff To Do In 2019 At The Antique Boat Museum

Looking for stuff do do this summer?

We got this press release from the good folks at the Antique Boat Museum Education Dept. Anything with education department. always makes me nervous, but this looks like fun stuff. Maybe it should be called the Stuff you always wanted to learn dept? Launch and Learn? Or stuff you should know or you will die dept? Maybe Education Dept is better? Anyway, here is the list as they wrote it, I don’t dare ad lib with it. They didn’t send photos, so I get to make them up though.. Woohooo.

Just don’t sit there all summer!

New Options and Old Favorites from ABM’s Education Department
Enjoyable Educational Experiences for Everyone This Summer

Clayton, NY – The Education Department at the Antique Boat Museum is excited to announce another summer full of programming for boaters and history buffs of all ages and experience levels. Interested parties should visit the updated and improved Education pages on the Museum’s website, Registration forms can be found in PDF format on the website and completed forms may be submitted with payment in person, by mail or e-mail to hold students’ places in a program.

Have some kids that like boats? Bring them to Clayton

Children under 12 will enjoy Beginner Sailing (weeklong sessions running from June 24 to August 16), River Rat Days (half-day adventures in June, July and August) and Fun With Skiffs (three-day workshops in August with Hawn Memorial Library). Children 12 and older will enjoy Junior and Advanced Junior Sailing (two-week sessions from June 24 to August 16) as well as a Youth Architecture & Design Camp during the week of July 22 focusing on castles.

There is even a class for Knot tying!

Visitors of all ages will have fun and learn new skills at our Knot Tying workshops at special events; paddle making class on July 14; paddle painting class on August 2; rowing our skiff fleet on French Creek and Grindstone Island’s Aunt Jane’s Bay in July and dropping in to
Open Sailing workshops during Tuesday Night Sailing & Rowing.

Be safe.. Not sure if this is safe. I need a refresher course

Families will feel safer while enjoying their boats this summer after taking a Boater Safety course here at ABM together or participating in First Mate Safe Return and Nautical Chart Reading to improve their abilities and comfort on the water.

Indigenous peoples in an indigenous boat

If you want to learn more about our region’s indigenous watercraft, you’ll enjoy our daily St. Lawrence Skiffs 101 sessions in which livery attendants give a background of these unique small craft and the best technique for enjoyable rowing around French Bay, starting in late June.

You will love it! Maybe tying a knot has another meaning?

You can combine that new-found knowledge and appreciation of skiffs with a love of baked goods by joining us for Row 4 Donuts at the Festival Oar, Paddle & Sail or the Sunday of the Antique Boat Show & Auction.

Educational and enjoyable activities are available for every member of your family this season at the Antique Boat Museum at a variety of price points. We hope to see new boaters and seasoned River Rats alike on campus in 2019!

Not the museum BTW, its larger. This is just one of the amazing houses on a cool island.

Located on the St. Lawrence River in Upstate NY, ABM features a collection of over 300 antique and classic boats and thousands of recreational boating artifacts. Each summer the waterfront campus comes alive with numerous educational programs and special events, including the longest running antique boat show in North America. For more information, please visit our website HERE

Amazing boat show!

great location for a show, and immerse yourself in Woody goodness


Its endless fun

Sons Of Varnish flies at the ABM

Not kidding!

A classic vacation wonderland!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Glad to hear the river hasn’t washed them away!

    Water levels seem to have peaked for the year (2nd all time record high in 3 years) and should start slowly dropping, but it is going to take months to get below flood levels. If you bring a boat with you on your museum visit, be very careful of submerged obstacles in the river. We don’t want anymore nose job Cobra stories!

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      I meant more boats with bashed in bows, not more stories about the prototype cobra with a temporary knot.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      Ken, Isn’t that the famous “How many Canadian Dispro staff can you fit in a Dippy” photo shot outside the Port Carling Disappearing Propeller boat factory? By the way, its 18 Dippy staff as I recall. I think we were a lot skinnier back then

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