Chumlee from Pawn Stars On the History Channel

if you are a Pawn Stars viewer last week our two worlds came to a a fun mashup. The Pawn Stars showed up to Harsens Island to look at a great 1925 Chris C… Read more


Gar Wood Time!

Well, this Fall Back Spring Forward stuff is always confusing. Then again, blinking can be confusing to me these days. Thanks to this though I was able to sleep after some crazy wo… Read more


Americraft Burgee

Thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater Steve Stevenson for sending in some of his Burgee collection. I bet from time to time folks want to know what the correct burgee should … Read more


Higgins magic

From time to time this subject comes up in the bowels of the comment section. Someone takes a shot at Woody Boater regarding most of our stories being about Chris Craft. Well, is th… Read more


Yes its cool! And now Hot!

Yesterday if you watched the Algonac Banner on ebay sale end, you had a fun bidding war happen. Someonessss clearly wanted it and had deep pockets to do that with. Is it a … Read more


Loading her up

Thanks to Bert Holster we have a report in from across the pond. Wait, that’s an English thing.. Not sure what the Netherlandishsaying is. Dutchish?  I love stories from … Read more