Original Plywood bottom

The other day we all looked at a very beautiful boat. Yet she sure had some bottom issues and I spoke about creative solutions. Now. To be clear. If your boat is a special b… Read more


25 cents a ride?

Okay, I am a freak for boat stuff. LOVE IT! We all know that by now. Waxing poetic about wood grain holding in the history of past summers. The warmth in your body with a good wiff of v… Read more


Docks going in on Lake Dora!

Yesterday we got a report in from the Harrisons on Lake Dora. The docks are going in. After three years. The new masterplan dock situation on Lake Dora in Tavares is be… Read more


5200 before 5200

I have always loved the graphics of KUHLS, so when I found this brochure on ebay I scooped it up and now sharing with you. But as I look at the design I started to did in and do some res… Read more