Bob’s not cheap!

We tried this the nice museum way, now the WoodyBoater way. Our pals at THE Antique Boat Museum are doing lots of very cool stuff to keep this as fun as possible. Being a mus… Read more


This Memorial Day is like no other in my memory. I remember Vietnam, and all the conflict here at home, and was fortunate enough to be a year too young to be drafted. My Father fought in WW2 and live… Read more


Not good for your varnish or paint. 

We know that bug spray and sunscreen can effect your varnish, but can hand sanitizer? I don’t even want to experiment with it. But on board is some bec… Read more


Launch time! Come and get it

As part of our series and partnership with The Antique Boat Museum and The Wooden Boat Experience video series. Today you can take a tour of the National Boat Show Bui… Read more