The Wicker Sisters

Yesterday I cleaned up WECATCHEM and started to get ready for The big 4th Celebration. Which we just be the Boatress and I. No parties or gatherings. But I decided to mix it up i… Read more


I am red white and blue

This weekend is a very special day for us all here in the United States. We are a diverse group of free thinkers and united by our passions and love of one another. We are not a d… Read more


Not this new! – ebay photo

If you have been out on the water this summer, you have no doubt seen a lot of boaters. A LOT! With low fuel prices and being stuck at home. It only makes sense. Boati… Read more



Since I have been running Stinky so far this summer, gotta say a fun racer is, well, fun. And this little racer on ebay today is just perfect. All redone and ready to go. And itR… Read more


Adding a certain something something to the barn

One of the wonders of working from home, is between calls and working on work, when you take a break, you really get to take a break. I have over the … Read more


Someone say Ice Cream?

We got this fun photo report in from loooooooooong time fellow Woody Boater Bob Kays. All the clubs should do this this year. And best yet!!! I get to make up the captions! O… Read more


Ineeda will tell you like it is! She ain’t taking any of your crap!

Over the past months as we have sat at home, lost work and been dealing with the world upside down, we have been going throu… Read more