Steve Lapkin is ready on Lake Tahoe

Today is all about the Tease. Ya get just enough to keep you interested, yet not enough to feel full. Or maybe its that the little bits are more enticing than the … Read more


Ya. Another Sausage Day. Hey, go to facebook if you want show shots. We are waiting for Kent O to curate his gold of Clayton

Hey! At least its not more YART Sale stuff. Oh I do have more, but I even hav… Read more


Wayne can photo bomb this all he wants. That sign can compete! TWO SIDED

If you are looking at todays header you are already pissed. And it kinda kills the drama, but holy crap. For me the Mobilgas … Read more


The photo on ebay that started the chain of events.

I will start my story today with a text message from Wayne Bomb at 7AM “”Here’s a thought: Let’s NOT Go To Algonac Today! R… Read more