A Little Sausage Sunday

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Oh Darla, you Vixin. Vixon” Vixan” ? Vixen?

It’s Sunday,I woke up late and so all I got is a little sausage to make my self imposed 8Am deadline. Wait, that sounds bad. For the … Read more

Sausage Sunday – Come Aboard!

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This is quite a leap of logic here. Beer? Check, Sunscreen? Check? Gallon Of Oil? SCREECH? What? Why do we need a gallon of oil dear? I am NOT going out on that thing!

My old friend Sausage Sunday. B… Read more

I Need Some Sausage! Sausage Saturday.

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Throw that bad boy!

I am out in the barn trying to get ready for Lake Dora. I swear the date creeps up on you. In two weeks I am outta here. In reality that’s just one weekend. This one to make su… Read more

Save Me Sausage!

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DIM! Dim has ruined many a boating moment throughout history.

Okay, I am out on the West Coast in LA on a TV shoot and my internal clock is all messed up, so in order to make the east coast deadline, s… Read more