59 years ago!

I love the thought of a simple photo taken on a whim 60 years ago, heck 80 years ago can produce such warm love. A huge thanks to Alden Reed and Troy, yes that Troy for such warm wonderfu… Read more


Oh ya!

This week, I am going to try and work from home, and so it allows me to commit some extra time to joy of boating. As in, I can justify getting the boats in the water, which of course is never real… Read more


Joy is ageless

Late last night we got in these amazing, wonderful, perfect, photos from fellow Woody Boater Steve Lapkin. Steve is a professional photographer with wonderful images on cover… Read more


Durrens ready to go.

Believe it or not, today’s headline makes perfect sense to some. And since you have read this far, I will try and explain. For some reason I am on a text message chain. O… Read more


Meet Bob, actually he likes to be called Mr Bob, he is a retired teacher from Connecticut. This is annual visit with “the boys” These are old pals from the war, and family, at the old

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