Houston, we have a name

Don’t you all have any better things to do? 55 comments on a Saturday, naming a dinghy for SWEET PEA. It had me belly whacking all day. Some were inspired, okay all we… Read more


Ph! thats not good!

Oh hell to the YA! I am about to set out with some other fully vaccinated pals to go on a spontaneous mystery Date Road Trip! But what for? Could it be I am the secret winner of the e… Read more


Boat photos for no reason. Chris and his bad ass Racer

Yesterdays story regarding the Chris Craft Club evoked some passionate comments. Actually attacks on certain people. BTW, the number on… Read more


Oh boy Mr B, we caused a problem!

If you are a member of the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club, you get the Brass Bell. Still in my book one of the best designed club magazines out there. Up there with the … Read more