Throw that bad boy!

I am out in the barn trying to get ready for Lake Dora. I swear the date creeps up on you. In two weeks I am outta here. In reality that’s just one weekend. This one to make su… Read more


Yesterday we talked about 6 volt lights and making sure you are up to date on luminosity. One other thing, that to be honest about, is the mispercetion that our boats are grandfathered regardin… Read more


Interlux NOSKID compound

You thought hunting down the original manufacture of zippers was a tad extreme a while back, and maybe painting your bilge in NOS Chris Craft Bilge paint was a tad wonk… Read more


Miss Rheingold 1958 and an OWEN’s cruiser

I was looking at something online and came across this image above, and did a little digging to find an absolute brillient campaign that lasted … Read more