Dorian will be hundreds of miles away.

Right now here in Reedville we are getting some intense wind, and grey gloomy skies. but so far she is doing as expected, in fact she has moved off the coast a … Read more


Alex Watson in his plastic! Getting towed in. He tried to end his season on empty! YA!

Well? Did ya break down? Get towed in, did you tow anyone in? Stub your toe? For many of us, this is the best time … Read more


Love is in the air, and a whiff of rodent poop

Today we are going to rerun a story from last labor day. Labor Of Love. Why? Cause I am slamming on Sweet Pea for her show debut at the Reedville show. Als… Read more


Crazy Cool!

We are gonna try an experiment. I saw this on facebook. I know, I know.. But its cool as all get out. BY the way, get out there, it’s Saturday.. Anyway, How many have seen this on o… Read more