Ebay photo. This must have been very close to delivery day, not the card on the hatch.

Like many of you, this week and next are going to be spent with family, friends and not boats. My hours will be r… Read more



Want one for yourself? Well DADDY HAD ONE could be yours. Okay, warning, this story could make some Who’s on first? turns. So you can skip the bla blah and just click on the ebay l… Read more


Digging into some rotten wood. Like pulling BBQ

Yesterday was spent cleaning Hiawatha’s bottom, and checking for rot. The good news is she was built like a battleship. 8 inch chines, an… Read more


Hows your shaft log? Mine is fine now. Thanks Wayne for the shot

I spoke to Baby Chick the other day and she is a little worn out from all the Social Media appearances. Yes, I did speak to her, and yes… Read more


Baby Chick is a great place to display other old aged Prerestoric stuff.

Baby Chick is coming along. We filled up three large trash cans of dirt, rags, and other stuff unrelated to her or her life… Read more