We have a huge local event happening here on Saturday so all the boats and well… dirt, paint cans, screw drivers all need to be put away or put in the trash. And of course I got to try out the ne… Read more


Yesterday was the day, no gasp, just a quick drive to the ramp and get those suckers inside and winterized. But this year, we have something very special. Hidden away in plain site is a special se… Read more


Open up your mind, cause this tugboat is gonna park its self in there. Yup. You will laugh at first, and then the gears will start turning. I gotta say thats what it’s doing to me, and I have 7 … Read more


Well, it’s happened. Cold weather is here, and well, I have run out of wall space to climb, or put stuff. I swear, how did that happen. The workshop is becoming a museum of my need to collect … Read more