Red flag not included.

Sometimes our little universe of classicboaterites boggles my mind. $761.00 for the Miss America 7 Ashtray last week. Yes, that’s what it sold for. And here on eb… Read more


Oh, you thought it was over? This Milk is now Ice Cream

What the hell frozen over happened yesterday? It was 70 the day before. Then this. Lots of this, this, and more of that and this. One thing is f… Read more


The tone of the wood is insane nice 2 coats of tung oil.

I promise, this is it. But I have had some down time and the weather is perfect for this sort of stuff. Yesterday was spent on the details. Too m… Read more


The Alter

Oh? Did you think I was not going to keep this going? Thought the movie was over? And right before the credits. BAM, A Hand out of the grave….with a power drill in it. YA. Today you a… Read more