The Last Sausage Of The Year!

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Better than rust!

Well, here it is, one more year of daily dribble. Bad spelling, poorly researched stories and every now and then, gold. And before we kick off the new year of 2019, how about som… Read more

Let’s Do A Sausage Sunday!

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Yes, I am a model.. For… mmmmmm, mmmm Outboard engines. But I can wear a crown? Right?

We are on the road headed to Alabama and then New Orleans for some fun exploring. So here I sit in a hotel… Read more

Sausage Saturday! Hey It’s Winter.

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Hello Boys! I love Sausage day!

We seem to be consuming a whole lotta Sausage this winter. But according to our stats, seems like the citizens of Woodyboaterville sure love sausage. Not to dimi… Read more