10 Days 10 Ways To Make The Coronavirus Grow The Classic Boat Universe.

Just call me ” Haz” Matt!

I know, this may seem like a crazy thought. But if you follow my logic here, you may see the pure genus in it. Or maybe it’s 4 AM when I am writing this, and I am in the throws of the tale end of the real Pandemic. “Winteritus”. And if you are offended by my brilliance, sorry..ish. I have put together a list. Prepare to be impressed.

Yes, it may look dumb. but. it is Corona yellow.

1. First thing, and I know this is the real crazy part. When we get to Lake Dora, we should all sneeze and cough on each other, rub our faces, and just wait..  Hold on.. hold on.. give me a chance here.. This is genus. It’s a fine line, between genus and crazy.

2. We will of course have a great time for the weekend, spreading whatever snot we have all over each other. Okay, that doesn’t sound so fun. Chicken on a stick stuff then. Or the grease from some Jalapeno Poppers coated in a wonderful golden breading from the Palm Gardens. ( BTW, I am down 10lbs and on track again)

3. There will be time to get home. So it’s okay.

4. Then wait.. You will maybe get sick. Maybe not.

5. Now this is when the real magic happens. We all start getting sick together. All over the country.

6. The media picks it up. And the reporters find the common thing is classic boaters. Spelled right. “Classic Boaters”

7. The Virus is renamed, the Classic Boater Virus, and the news shows all the boats, and so on. Us having fun out on our boats…In other words we get a TON of free press and awareness. Come on, look at the nursing home in Washington State. They are famous now.

8. Statistically we may loose a couple of us.  But, we went out having fun, not hiding in a corner.

9. Now, and this is the brilliant part, the hard work, and snot part is over. The virus will go away. They all do. But the memory of the Classic Boat Virus won’t. And because our brains process things in really strange ways. The world will want a Classic Boat, toilet paper will be in stock at the stores, start drinking Corona Beer again and go to Chinese Restaurants.

10. All because we all decided to have some fun, and go “Classic Boating” in around 10 ish  days ! Thats CLASSIC BOATS.  Spelled right please.

See.. Genus! Not so crazy is it? Egh?

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    If I didn’t know you better I would think this stuff comes out of a drunken stupor.

    See you at Dora!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    If we all come down with it then we can be quarantined together on Lake Dora for an extra 14 days. Sorry honey I’m not allowed to come home. The government is making me stay with my friends in Florida for an extra 2 weeks. ?

  3. Kenneth J. Rawley
    Kenneth J. Rawley says:


    BTW…just posted the followiTHE MADNESS CONTINUES

    The DOW futures this morning predict another massive drop of 1200 points when the stock market opens. Who is responsible for this? The average citizen.

    While a 20% stock market correction has been predicted for some time, the recent drop in the stock market is almost certainly primarily due to the fear of the virus.

    The fear of the virus is within a public that has been dumbed-down so far that their sole source of information are seconds-long sound bites offered by a media that thrives on sensationalism (exacerbated by politicians using this event to gain free exposure).

    The virus has an exceptionally low mortality rate, relative to other viruses of recent years, for all under 60; even below 70 the rate is not frightening. Evidently many or most older people who have succumbed were also ill or in very poor health. An estimated 85%+ of those infected have experienced mild symptoms. These facts suggest that the virus situation, while notable, is a comparatively minor event not warranting anything close to the attention it is now receiving.

    Point: the near panic now being witnessed has almost zero rational basis.

    Back to the stock market. The bottom line: most of those who watch their investments plummet due to the virus situation and resulting fear/ near panic…deserve what they get, due to their ignorance.

    These are rather blunt opinions. I hope the are accurate, for all our sake.

    “Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper”.
    -George Orwellng on Facebook…

  4. Mark in Ohio ( sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio ( sometimes da U P ) says:

    I keep telling her you guys. The best way to word off the corona Boris is to drink Corona with good people. It will keep you healthy, and it will be fun. It may not make the stock market go up. But it make something come up🌴

  5. Miles Kapper
    Miles Kapper says:

    It’s an amusing thought for most I suppose. However when your livelihood depends on producing events for corporate America and everything you have on the books for the next three months cancels with more no doubt on the way, one starts thinking in slow motion and what needs to be done around the house. The irony is I made it down to an ACBS meet this weekend and had a great time. It may not be the ultimate silver lining in a very unsure world right now with many decisions based on fear and not reality, but it’s good to know the smell of varnish can wipe away anxiety – at least temporarily!

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