A Title Wave Of Rumors!


One of the great things about doing this website is that I get to meet some fantastic folks.. I hear all that is going on, and sadly, all the crap.. We here at Woody Boater a while back made a choice to stay focused on the good and leave the bad to the bin in which it belongs. Trust me, I love hearing it, who doesn’t, it’s human nature I suppose… but in the end, it’s negative energy, and from what we have seen, there are always.. ALWAYS two sides to the story.. Mine, and your pathetic excuse of one.. HA.. One party may look good, and the entire passion of Classic boats is worse off for it.. So.. The Warner Auction.. This event for some reason has brought out the best and worst in folks.. Like spreading fresh manure on a spring time field of weeds.. The rumors have been flying.. It’s the excitement, and frankly a chess game.. many of these boats have not been available for a long time at what could be jaw dropping low prices.. Or not.. We don’t know. We have never seen an auction like this in our community.. It’s ground breaking, and could very well define the market for years.. So needless to say, the manure is flying.. Lot’s of rumors that I don’t need to get into, frankly because if you have not heard them I don’t want to plant any in your noggin…Two biggies though need to be addressed….. There was a rumor that all the engines had been removed and were to be sold separately.. Not the case.. Only one motor is separate from the boats.. A very rare motor.. The latest rumor  could effect your desire to bid.. That many of the boats have no titles.. NOW.. we checked with Mecum on this, and at first we were told, that’s right, for those boats a bill of sale would be generated.. So in a sense that rumor had a basis of fact.. We explained that in many states, New Jersey, California, New York, and Virginia, you can not register a boat without a title or registration.. I am sure there are more states that have these rules.. Mecum looked into it, and has now made arraignments to have each boat that does not have a title, get one. So that rumor, in fact was taken to the man, and resolved.. If I might say something here.. and of course I will.. At each step of this auction, with each rumor, Scott and Sam from Mecum have been open and straight forward, they have fixed any issues and been up front and always taken the high road.. This is not there first auction, but it is a change for how we may be buying… and selling our boats. And one thing is not a rumor.. We all in this community hate change..  and with guys like Scott and Sam, they are open and willing to adjust things for the better of it all.. I am looking forward to this event.. I have my hat ready..
Krunch and I will be on the road starting at noon.. We will do some sort of pathetic story from the road tomorrow.. most likely a exit sign in Toledo.. 23 hrs of driving.. Friday we will be reporting on the preview day, and Friday night is WoodyStack.. All full by the way..

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I am now trying to register a non titled boat in the Empire state. I believe it can be done but the rules often change. Once you prove that you are who you say you are there are several options. Record the hull identification number with a photo or tracing. I was told I could get a state trooper to verify the number but the troopers say that they no longer do that. My photos are ready for my next visit to DVM. If you do not have a hull number, one must be applied for through the state department of recreation. Some one will come out and inspect the boat and you will be assigned one. I think then you can at least register the boat and get your numbers. Pay the sales tax or show proof that you already did. So don't let lack of title stop you from buying alot of boats.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    When I went to register my boat at the NY DMV I had no title, only a bill of sale. The CC hull number of coarse does not show up in their computer either. The supervisor present was able to supply the paperwork needed right away with no photos or inspection. I walked out with my new registration. It was an easy, pleasant and they were very interested in the boat.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    If you can not handle the BS that goes with registering a boat with no title or an expired title or a title that has incorrect information (as is SO often the case), I'm afraid you are in the wrong hobby. The things people find to moan about never ceases to amaze.

  4. Scott Ales
    Scott Ales says:

    My father shared a life lesson many years ago, I'm sure you've heard it before. Consider the source. My phone numbers are all published and available anywhere on the web. If you would like additional concerns answered please feel free to contact me or anyone at Mecum. I will be on the auction property this afternoon and would be happy to help in any way.

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