ACBS, My Check Is In The Mail.

It really is. I read in the Rudder that Dues have gone up. OK, did not even notice. I get inflation and so on. What I do not get though, is what does it buy? OK a better 2.0 web site, and a magazine, and a phone book. According to the Rudder article, that was ironically written by the web masters husband…… It was for more technology and the very stuff I have been squawking about. So I can buy that and will, with a $45 check. …. After all, we are all in this together. Nowwwww, which local chapter do I belong to? mmmmmmmmm

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  1. jfrprops
    jfrprops says:


    I just sent in my dues, along with a note attached mentioning my support for you, your site, and the expressed opinions of your readers. I told them to log on and read the comments and to get with the 21 century.
    60 bucks! 45 to national, so they can kill all those trees printing a phonebook sized tome that comes out once a year, when folks can, now that we have the link….right??, update and add to 365/24/7 via the Web???
    I think they have the cost reversed. The local chapters should get the lion’s share.
    I am not a happy member, but a long term and good paying one….hope they are listening.
    John Rothert

  2. Editor
    Editor says:

    I love that chapter, as well as sunnyland. Those might be might two this year. I live in an odd part of the country. I have the chesapeake 2 hrs north, and the tidewater two hrs south. MAkes it hard to participate in activaties. The folks are very nice and do a great job.

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