Bailout? What Can The Feds Learn From Classic Boating!

I propose that all the democrats and republicans go out to the lake and jump into a classic woody boat. They might learn something about bailing out things.

One. Always have a bilge, cause things leak and move around under a heavy load. Like a war and greedy bankers….

Two. Realize that no matter what you do to your bilge, it eventually leaks and needs to fixed. So be vigilant and think ahead….

Three. Your classic boat will never be perfect. NEVER. Your boat like the economy comes and goes. It leaks and then it doesn’t and when that happens you can float around and smile. But keep in mind, it doesn’t last forever.

Four. You can’t fix bad structure with varnish or lipstick.

Five. We are all in the same boat together. You better figure out how to deal with problems, or we all sink. Democrats, republicans, and yes even those folks that live on compounds with 8 wives. OK, they’re OK, they aren’t sure what planet they’re on anyway!