Breaking All The Woody Boater Rules. An Aluminum Boat Makes Boat Of The Week.

Every now and then I get a hankering for some Aluminum. Those little Feather Crafts are cool as all get out when they are polished up. I suppose it’s all part of the time period. Aluminum was a newish type of material, and in some cases builders would take the same design in wood and use Aluminum. Also Air Planes were a huge influence on design. So it’s only fitting that this would creep into the boating world. I just came upon this very cool Vintage Wagemaker Wolverine on eBay. These boats for the dollar to cool factor are a grand slam. And very durable. The red is just right, almost a technicolor red. It all works just right. mmmm I wonder, maybe we can change the name of Woody Boater to Aluma Boater…or Al Boater… or Metal Boater… heavy metal boater… UPDATE SOLD FOR ONLY $986.01 DAAAAAANG. BARGAIN OF THE WEEK AS WELL. OK wait a minute…. lets say Gas from VA to Michigan $400 Hotel. $100 Trailer $1000, Motor $2,500 mmm General stuff $400.. We are talking about a $4,986.01.. OK , that’s more like it. Good deal for both parties. But at least there isn’t the usual 5,000 worth of sanding and varnish..

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  1. boat1flute
    boat1flute says:

    ~THANK YOU SO MUCH for featuring our classic aluminum boat as your BOAT OF THE WEEK! WOW! Your words humble us immensely. Many hours have gone into this beauty, and she is still a work in progress.
    An interesting footnote to the history of aluminum boat manufacturing: the main reason the industry developed was due to World War II military aircraft builders needing civilian jobs for their craft. In keeping with that art, we repair aluminum boats with Pneumatically-driven AirCraft Solid Aluminum Rivets.
    These classic boats and motors are indeed our personal passion, and we are so honored that you have selected this boat as your WOODY BOATER BOAT OF THE WEEK! ~THANKS!!!!!!
    ~Chuck & Denise

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Thanks for the thanks. The hard work shows. We will be featuring more Aluminum boats in the future. Especially the ones that actually have wood on them..

  3. Russell Dyer
    Russell Dyer says:

    I have the twin to this boat .Same paint scheme and all.
    The difference is mine is a Cadillac manufactured in Cadillac MI.
    I think there was a connection with Wolverine.

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