Can You Catch Swine Flu From Classic Boating?

In an effort to jump on the swine flu hype bandwagon, I felt it necessary to try and connect swine flu and classic boating. So here is my thought. Ya see, there are pigs on farms, and there are farms near were I use my boat? OK, how bout this, I eat BBQ on the weekends… Wait, ya can’t catch it from eating pork…… maybe it’s all the other boaters out there? The ones that have the flu and are out boating and sneezing! Seems like the thing to do when one is sick…. But I need to be at least 6 feet from them when they sneeze…mmmmm From what I can tell, actually Classic Boating might be a great way to avoid getting the Swine Flu! May I be so bold to suggest that to avoid catching the flu this weekend you take some friends out on your boats to save them from this upcoming pandemic.. Never mind the fact that your chances of dieing in a boating accident with some smart ass kid on a jet ski are much greater, or that while you were wearing that stupid mask you could not smell the gas leak in the bilge and you got your self blowed up real good…But at least you wont have the swine flu!

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  1. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    HA, I unfortunately see the humor in everything. It gets me in trouble all the time. And yes I even laugh about that.

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