Come On, Things Are Looking Up, We May End Up In A Depression

I am a glass Is half full person, I always try and look up not down. Sure you step in dog crap when you live your life that way. But its just crap! And crap happens! Heck, there’s even a bumper sticker that will back me up. With today’s world turmoil going on regarding money. I am reminded that even if cash is king. The only reason you have the cash is to live. Eat, shelter, security. And unless we are planning on all living on a dirt farm trading rocks for enjoyment. We still need some joy in our world. And for me it’s old wood boats. For others it might be Victorian dolls….. OK they can go to the dirt farm… those dang things scare me… Anyway, what I am saying here, depression or economic boom. You need to have some fun in your life. IF we are headed for economic Armageddon, then what the hell. The good news… Less Jet Skies on the water, Boats will be a lot cheaper, your classic boat looks just as good as garage art as it does on the water. And after all this hell goes away, and it will. We can all say we made it through the storm…. “There’s got to be a morning after”…… Come on lets all sing it together….