Crapping My Way Through The Classics.

I found a complete set of Classic Boating Magazine a while back. Worth every penny by the way… This is a timeless series of magazines…. More like a book that one gets a fresh chapter each month.. At first I thought it would just be cool to have around, but as time went on, I would grab a pile and read on a train trip to NYC or something. But the other day, my wife… The Woody Boatress, said, what in the hell are all these magazines doing in the bathroom. I realized that I had been reading my way through each issue one toot at a time. I have to say, the early issues had a soul, a passion for the hobby. Many of today’s Woody Boaters are in there featured with there boats. The Jersey boys and girls are all over the magazines. There’s John and Kim in one of a gillion killer boats smiling and Don and one of his museum boats zipping around the lake….. Jim Staib from the tundra and one of his boats …I have found great stories that are timeless and I have already used many of the ideas in there..It’s also interesting to see how the prices have changed and what has been trendy and then poof – gone. No website addresses in the ads. So once they are gone, they are gone. No long tale of the web.
Another thing I noticed… other than I had corn last night, the older issues had fire, and passion. Shows were covered with a twinkle in the eye of the photos, boats were taken out for runs, babes were on them…… lots of classic boat babes… The featured boats were treated with a special touch. Also Dannenberg was on fire. His articles were dead on, and you can see how that all turned into a book, two books. Also many of the guest authors brought cool stuff to the table. I suppose this was because the web had not exploded yet. But now with forums like the boat buzz and web sites all that content is spread out. I miss having one place for all the info. There is a place in the world for Classic Boating. And it’s not in my crapper. I removed them and placed them in a much more sacred place….. My garage…..crapper.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Whoa Matt! TMI there ole buddy!
    But hey, I have an entire "run" of WoodenBoat you could borrow. That many TOMES on the THRONES would carry you into incontinence.

    John Rothert, posting now as anonymous because he has gone brain dead as to how to post otherwise……
    P.S. when the boat mags "run out"…ooooohhh….you can always read War and Peace…good for a year minimum

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I've wondered for years why my parents always told me that eating corn is good for you when it seems to look the same coming and going. Do you think it smells the same too?

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