Dear Mr New President Obama, Are You A Woody Boater?

OK , I know you are about to slash taxes for the middle class, and my granny will actually be able to get proper health care now, and the Iraq folks are going to now need to fend for themselves. And I also know that I am about to be taxed to death, considering I own a small Business. And buying a boat right now seems not like good timing. Buuuuuuuuuut!. You do kinda have a very cool antique wood boat hanging around down at the docks there in DC….. click here

OK it was sold by Jimmy Carter in an over reaction to fiscal responsibility…. And no president since then has seemed to want it. But, hey, what the heck. For the price of one small missile that you are not going to use anyway …you could bring back the style of Classic Boating to the White House….. Sequoia is a fully restored 1925 Trumpy, 104 feet long treasure of American history. Kennedy used it, all sorts of democrats have used it. OK Dick Chaney used it…. but it’s been cleaned since then… OK… wait! You can rent it. Have a party. Invite all your other Woody Boater pals. In fact say the word and we will pay for the trip. It’s on us here at Woody Boater. Hey Chad, you in! Warren? Bill….All we ask is that you show up. Bring the kids, and that new puppy… I’ll bring some newspapers….
Photo Courtesy Of The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.