Hana. A Lot Of Talk Here in The Northern Neck Of Virginia.

You’d think from the hype on the news that we were going to have a hurricane. The over hyping of these storms is reckless and foolish from the TV news. For the sake of ratings the news stations have done the equivalent of the childhood story “Cry Wolf”. After a while we will stop listening to the news. Could it have been worse. Yes, It was high tide when it hit the Northern Neck of Virginia. So I was sweating and watching. But in the end we were spared. DC on the other hand got a ton of water and spent Sunday night shop-vacking the water in the basement. The shots above are at the peak of the storm and the next was shot the next morning at high tide. Got the boats out and next time in will be at Smith Mountain Lake.. Wooohoooo. No tides on a lake.