Is It Possible To Take The Entire Country Out On A Boat Ride?

Calm ride with the herd!

It’s okay, this isn’t a political story. It’s about the stress relief a boat ride can accomplish. What is going on around the country is horrible, yet in a strange way sadly predicable. Never mind the subject of it all please. When the pandemic started we did warn of this sort of thing. Anger is part of the mental process. All it took was something to ignite it. Sadly we have had many things to be that trigger. It’s all sadly part of the grieving/loss process. The process works like this . CLICK HERE

Peace on Water

This pandemic has been a world wide issue that despite what you say is scary. Denial is part of the process as well BTW.  If you read up on all this, it may help put some perspective on the mood of America and the rest of the world. But one thing is steadfast and timeless. Time will heal, especially a boat ride. In any boat. Just being out and away from the crap of reality will help. No, it won’t solve all our problems or stop dumb crap from taking place. And no, I am not some out of touch old white guy. Okay, wait, yes I am. But one of the sad benefits of age, is seeing this happen and see that it changes nothing. Peace, kindness and understanding, change things.

But a ride can clear your mind. And help calm the anger part of the process. Even if you have to fix a freeze plug and apologize to your wife about the exhaust smell, old rodent dropping smell, no shower smell.

She is waiting at the dock, barn, ebay?

Also a boat ride is the perfect social distancing transport situation with your herd.

Pre pandemic social distancing.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    We should be very thankful that we have this form of release and pray that all have something similar to get through this. Happy Sunday!

  2. Shep on lake Shafer IN.
    Shep on lake Shafer IN. says:

    That is an awesome picture for a header this morning!
    How do you get all of those cool pictures of you guys in the boat?
    You must have a drone following you all the time? Or a good buddy following you.
    Happy Sunday everyone
    Stay safe!

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    I cant recall how that was taken. Thats jimmy in YANNON, I saw it, grabbed my iphone and thought.. m the sun is all wrong, but I will snap away. And Bam, a little gift at the end of the day as reviewing the shots.

  4. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    We can Finally buy booze from tomorrow ( but not cigarettes ), yes, it’s been 9 odd weeks!
    Still can’t use the water at the end of the garden for swimming, paddling, canoeing, SUPping or boating. Terribly infectious pursuits.
    Enjoy yours!

      • Droneshadow
        Droneshadow says:

        Cameron likely lives in South Africa. Cigarettes and alcohol have been banned since the lock down. Bootleggers and black market smoke sellers are making a killing.

      • Cameron
        Cameron says:

        Hi Kelly,
        Lovely spot in South Africa called Knysna. ( silent K )
        You’d like it here once this little fiasco is behind us.

  5. Jerome
    Jerome says:

    Great header picture Matt. It’s time for everyone to take a deep breath & relax. If possible a boat ride would certainly help!

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    When we take Panther out it not only makes us smile but also most people that see her. Panther is not that special but the public in general just needs reasons to smile.

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