It’s Official, We Don’t Need More Young People Anymore?

Hurry honey, there is a sale on Grey Poupon!

My email was on overdrive yesterday from pals sending me this Rob Report article on Young people snapping up Vintage Wooden Boats. Link at bottom of the story. So if you want to skip my missspelled babblethon, scroll down. Then scroll past the click and look for Troys comment, and then your day will be complete.

Young people. LOVE RudderUSA

I will add to this story, that this is fantastic news, and does have a slight upscale tone about it. But thats the Robb Report’s target. And if you have priced a regular new Center console with a single outboard, you are in the $75K range. YES! And thats a starter boat, it can ratchet up to $500K in seconds. YES! So whats $300K for a Riva. Thats a very easy choice.

Living the Riva life.


Lois & Brian with their ’57 Whirlwind – Newfound Lake, NH

So the idea of a $300K boat at age 40 is a tad insane? THERE ARE TONS OF AFFORDABLE BOATS OUT THERE! really. Thats the real joy of this passion. You can boat in style for around starting at around $2,000. YES!  Then it ramps up of course, but you can be boating in mid range style for around 50K all day long.

Young and old living in a time warp on Torch lake.

Here is the way to look at the Vintage Boat Universe. It’s a mirror of the boating universe. As In there is something for everyone. Our universe is the timeless one. The one that is really no different than now, and that is the circle of life. It all comes back around to the classics. The elements that transcend trends. That is what the word CLASSIC is all about.

You never age when your out on a timeless boat.

The fact that you read all that dribble to get to the link is appreciated. HERE IS THE LINK!

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I read the Rob Report article that a buddy also forwarded to me before I read your WB story this morning. If true, the value of my 1947 and 1957 boats may be changing values in different directions in the future. I wonder if the Hagerty valuation guide will be updated for this.
    Non of this will change how I enjoy my boats, but I do hope that there are a new group of caretakers out there!

  2. Shep on lake Shafer
    Shep on lake Shafer says:

    The article is interesting and good news that our boats might be worth closer to what we have invested. Greg is right that the better news is that a younger generation has interest in preserving these works of art we own.
    But that’s not why I bought Mom’s Mink as an investment.
    We bought it because we like to go boating. And why not do it in style! People love to see these pieces of art out on the lake!
    I am lucky my kids are already talking about who will get the boat next.
    Can’t wait to get back on the lake next month!
    See you all on lake Dora

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Combination comment here.

    Lot’s of Riva talk in the Rob Report and enjoy retirement Tom!

    See you all in Dora!

  4. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    we’ve got a couple of short shaft 16 ft Lund boats that are available for 300 bucks each.both need new paint.Just gotta get here.section of road goes thru canada.

  5. Dave Nau
    Dave Nau says:

    An inexpensive outboard-powered classic boat is a great way to start out. You can always get something else later, Does not even have to be wood. The point is to start somewhere.

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    I think that is great that young people are getting into this hobby/passion. If they are paying top dollar for high end boats it is a win win situation for everyone. Most millennials that have “new money” in their pockets either do not have the time, or the expertise to work on their own boats. Good for the restoration maintenance shops. And it could be a sellers market. I just hope that there will always be entry level user boats that the average 30 40 somethings can afford and enjoy with their family. Have we not been discussing this for years. Keep the wood afloat.

  7. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    The Seattle Boat Show just wrapped up and our local ACBS Chapter had a great display of “Boats Through the Decades” honoring the 75th year of the event put together by Ron Stevenson with the help of many club members. It was one of the most popular displays in the show, with great interest shown by the younger generation. For perspective, many of the wakeboard boats and others were priced in excess of $200K! Put in this context, our boats are a relative bargain and represent unique, classic style… Maybe Ron will give a report on the attendance, responses and pictures of the display.

    • Tired Ron in Seattle
      Tired Ron in Seattle says:

      Ron is t i r e d . . . I slept in!
      Gotta empty out the truck, sort through the remnants of the booth, deliver that and “Beautiful Day” to her winter sleep spot. We hit on the idea of having our own mini- boat show, created ballots for “people’s choice” & “kids choice”. Passed out and collected about 2,000 ballots. Once we told folks this was a club, these are members boats, vote for your favorite; you could see the relief in their eyes that we weren’t selling time shares! More later! Thanks to all our volunteers manning, oops “personing” the booth, to the 10 boat owners for set-up and move-out, and our three kiddie boat owners. We had a grand and fun time!

  8. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    To tempt any and all ages into dipping their collective toes into a wooden boat, I do my best to have around the marina a good selection of entry level runabouts and utilities. “User” boats that may need a little TLC, but running, floating and ready to go.
    If we can get you into a nice boat under 20K, you’ll write the check.
    Then, if you like it, we’re good to go. If not and it wasn’t your thing after a couple of years, we’ll find a new home and you won’t have spent the kid’s college fund.
    Buying a boat is an emotional event. Common sense for an optional activity, it is not.
    As said here before, it’s all about “butts in boats”, so get out there and have fun!!!
    Oh and “WHO DEY”!!!!! by the way…………. 🙂

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